The posts get more and more lame

posted by Mel
Simone’s at her Auntie Belinda’s house today. My mother just had knee replacement surgery, so the childcare situation is a little crazy at the moment. Juggling things around so that she can stay out of daycare until she’s at least 1 year old. The text updates today have been priceless. This was one:
Simone eating Ernie's nose

Simone eating Ernie's nose

The next was “For the love of all things holy, Simone can really shit!”
That’s my girl!


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8 responses to “The posts get more and more lame

  1. cracked me up! glad little simone is doing so well. hope your mom heals well and quickly!

  2. LOL thank u I needed a laugh!!

  3. Io

    Ha! I think Simone is ready for her own twitter. I’d join just to follow her.

  4. i love text updates during the day while i’m away! it makes everything a little brighter, huh? she’s so cute! i’m happy to hear all is going well!

  5. she’s an adorable nose-biting shitting star!

  6. We really adore her lol. We’re glad to see her doing so well after everything. We hope that you, are doing just as well. Lots of love to you both 🙂 xxxoooo

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