Back in business

posted by Mel

Um, sorry for going so long without posting. Been busy with the business of working full-time plus being a mom to a mostly healthy one-day-shy-of-six-months old. The complications were hellish– in some ways worse than the aftermath of the actual surgery, but we got through it. Simone is doing great (Knock on wood). Down to just six medications/day and working to shed another couple here soon.

I would love for this to become a boring mommy blog. Some great stuff the little monster has been up to lately:

*standing assisted– wants to do this all the time. Prefers it to sitting.
*No longer grunts when she breathes
*Makes fishy faces with her lips
*giggles and screeches
*sucks her hands and gags herself on her own fingers
*Trying rice cereal and some whole foods– so far banana, avocado, lemon, pickle

Eating Solids



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8 responses to “Back in business

  1. Io

    She is getting so big!
    I hope you are totally able to turn this into a boring mommy blog where your biggest worry is something incredibly stupid.

  2. giggleblue

    i’m happy to hear that she is doing so much better!!! i was worried there for a while!! gosh, life with little ones is so busy, and i know that much is true.

  3. Michelle and Jen

    I can’t believe how well she is doing and how darn cute she is. That smile melts your heart. Thanks for the update!! Jen

  4. Gosh Simone is so beautiful and dont you love the bumbo! were using it to feed maya now that she is eating rice cereal. We love it and have the same color!

  5. jay

    Soooooooo cute! Thanks for the update!

  6. vee

    Glad she’s doing so well. Thanks for the update and the OH TOO CUTE picture!

  7. docgrumbles

    Glad to hear she is doing well!

    JAG prefers standing to sitting, too. Maybe they are both just not the type to sit around!

    I hope things keep improving and the meds continue to decrease. Boring is a worthy goal sometimes.

  8. Boring=good. Boring means no hospitals, flooded basements etc.

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