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Documenting Extreme Cuteness

Posted by Melody

Per Jay’s Request:

Lunch w/Aunt Katie after nearly drowning in a downpour at the Broad Ripple Farmer’s Market


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Glory Days

posted by Mel

Now that Simone has more energy to fight, she has decided that meds are no longer necessary and resolutely clamps her lips against them. The multivitamin I have to give her is the worst. I really don’t blame her. It smells and tastes wretched. This morning after forcing 4 meds and one multivitamin down her, I rewarded us both with a mother/daughter bath.

Most mornings Moni and I bathe together, and it is my favorite part of the day. She is my water baby. She splashes and kicks and yells at the shower head and hollers her protest when it’s time to get out. This morning, however, she was angry when she got in, and she stayed angry. I should have known better than to get in with her with that look on her face.

I had just finished soaping her down and rinsing her when her face turned red and the grunting started.

Two seconds later I was splattered in excrement from sternum to belly button, and Simone was floating in it. Turns out she hates that even more than I do because then her eyes started watering, and she got deathly silent. I snatched her off my lap, put her over my shoulder, and raised her arms in the air, but I was too late. She vomited down my back.

So I started my morning sitting for ten minutes clutching my screaming baby, both of us covered in shit and puke, waiting for the tub to drain so that I could hose us both down and start all over again.

Bath time


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Back in business

posted by Mel

Um, sorry for going so long without posting. Been busy with the business of working full-time plus being a mom to a mostly healthy one-day-shy-of-six-months old. The complications were hellish– in some ways worse than the aftermath of the actual surgery, but we got through it. Simone is doing great (Knock on wood). Down to just six medications/day and working to shed another couple here soon.

I would love for this to become a boring mommy blog. Some great stuff the little monster has been up to lately:

*standing assisted– wants to do this all the time. Prefers it to sitting.
*No longer grunts when she breathes
*Makes fishy faces with her lips
*giggles and screeches
*sucks her hands and gags herself on her own fingers
*Trying rice cereal and some whole foods– so far banana, avocado, lemon, pickle

Eating Solids


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