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Back in the Hospital

Posted by Melody

Eating slowed way down and troubles breathing returned. Last straw was vomiting up two meals and her meds. Went to ER and was diagnosed with Pericardial Effusion (fluid around heart inside the percardium, a complication from open heart surgery that tends to show up around 2 weeks after surgery if it’s going to happen– not that common. Here we are in the small numbers again). Drained off 40 ccs last night. Stable now but heart rate still very high and not breathing as well as we’d like. In addition, heart isn’t squeezing as well as it should be, so she’s gone on some new meds. Expect to be here several days. Can’t update Facebook from here and won’t blog much, but Julie will be updating Caring Bridge.



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We are home

posted by Mel

Just a quick note to say that we made it home Saturday afternoon. Simone is great so far. Still on a couple of medications that she was on prior to surgery but dosages are down, and we are hoping she’ll be off them completely in another month or so. Knocking hard on wood right now, but her reflux seems to have cleared up completely– no vomiting in days!!! Also, I cannot feed her often enough. She seems to be making up for time lost in the hospital. Thanks for all the support here and on her Caring Bridge site. We love you guys!

Home at last and thrilled about it

Home at last and thrilled about it


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