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One year ago today Vanessa and I showed up at Dr. G’s office around 7 AM hauling a metal tank. After 17 failed IUIs, a failed IVF, and a miscarriage after IVF using Vanessa’s eggs, I had undergone immunological screening that came back positive for alloimmunity. The RE said we should try IUI again w/the addition of aspirin and L0ven0x, so we made one last attempt, simultaneously shelling out $4000 to begin the process of domestic open adoption.

I was going through the motions. I was sick of injections, sick of the progesterone rollercoaster, sick of hoping and waiting, finally beginning to accept that no baby would ever come through my body. There were 5 follicles in play that month (had taken Fem@r@ and F0ll!st!m), and I remember poking fun at myself for ever having been worried about high order multiples during previous IUI cycles where I’d had far more follicles than this and not gotten pregnant.

One of those follicles contained the egg that got together with the contents of that tank and made this:

Buffy with her puppy

Buffy with her puppy



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11 responses to “Conceptionversary

  1. What a happy anniversary. Great photo!

  2. Amy

    incredible, isn’t it?? very cute picture!!

  3. giggleblue

    the process of life is truly amazing! it is sooo very amazing.

  4. Lynn

    Look at the chub on those arms and legs! She is the cutest puppy I’ve EVER seen!

  5. That’s the best kind of anniversary. The time it finally works…

  6. docgrumbles

    It is always so amazing to remember that such a beautiful little person started out as a ball of cells and a glimmer of hope (even when that hope was jaded quite a bit).

    I hope you three (plus the pooch that seems to approve of her!) have many more wonderful anniversaries ahead to celebrate!

  7. missanthropy

    Happy Conceptionversary! It’s pretty amazing that you know the exact date you conceived!

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