Boring is good I guess

posted by Mel

I think I’m getting really boring. All I blog about is this kid. I’m completely in love with her. Feels good to be in love with her because for the first nine weeks or so, I wondered if I was really cut out for parenthood at all.

Simone had a good weekend– lots of time spent outside, very little refluxing. We’ve started a new anti-reflux medication– Pr!l0sec. Seems to be working better than the Z@nt@c did. She hasn’t had a weight check in a couple of weeks but seems to be gaining steadily. She is even out of Newborn diapers and wearing 1s now. Holding my breath that we have no more unexpected trips to the hospital before her surgery.

Uh, is someone working on a bottle for me?

Uh, is someone working on a bottle for me?



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11 responses to “Boring is good I guess

  1. Katy

    Oh that is the cutest picture ever!

  2. Look how cute she is!!! Its ok thats all I blog about too. Your totally not boring!

  3. yay for boring! cutie picture! great to hear from you. xo

  4. g

    yes, boring is good! cute pic of simone 🙂

    Glad to hear the reflux meds are working – Mater was an entirely new baby after she started Axid.

  5. Julie

    Boring is ALWAYS good in my book!

  6. I agree! I’ll take boring anyday over chaotic and drama-filled 🙂

  7. giggleblue

    awww, our little one has that same exact outfit that was brought by her aunties!

  8. If I had a dollar for every time I think “I’m boring,” I could be boring at home and never have to work. All I think and blog about is this pregnancy, so I’m right there with you. Once this kid shows up, it’ll be the same thing. Boring IS good.

  9. Amy

    seriously, that picture is absolutely adorable! her little expression makes her look wise beyond her months ; )

  10. I think it’s all we ALL blog about after having our babies 🙂 She looks so beautiful!

  11. docgrumbles

    Hooray for boring! Hope she stays away from the hospital until surgery time!

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