Simone’s Surgery Date Set

posted by Mel

It will happen on May 21st. She was 8 lbs 14 oz yesterday, and the cardiologist is happy enough with the velocity at which she is now gaining weight that she felt comfortable setting it up. I feel a little guilty that this will come as a complete surprise to the little elf, but maybe that’s best. I am both looking forward to it and dreading it. It’s going to be awful to see her covered in tubes. It chills my blood to think that someone is going to be cutting through her rib cage. On the other hand, health professionals and my incessant googling tell me that she will be a new baby when this surgery is over. She will breathe without laboring, and she will grow. We can finally get her of all of these damn medications (except our old friend Z.antac). Within a couple of weeks she will be so much less fragile than she is now. She won’t have to suffer through the summer heat with a heart condition. And maybe just maybe the nurses at the children’s hospital will stop recognizing us in the elevator and on the street.img_0450



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11 responses to “Simone’s Surgery Date Set

  1. raine05

    She is such a sweetheart. The weight gain is great and it will be so nice to have her surgery over and for the healing to begin. Yea for a healthy baby.

  2. she is having her surgery one day after my birthday… i am going to send all my birthday wishes her way. much love brave mommy… it is all gonna work out, and little simone will be able to be the hard rockin’, soccer playing, opera singing, deep sea diving (or what ever) gal she is meant to be cause her heart will be all better and ready for what ever life brings her!

  3. She will do amazing. I went in March of 08 with a girlfriend of mine while her 18 month old had an open heart surgery.

    it was hard seeing her hooked up to those tubes but she never seemed in pain.

    In fact. 2 weeks later we were at Chuck E Cheese together watching her and my daughter go down the slide like nothing ever happened.

    Its amazing how fast a child heals.

  4. Simone is strong and lucky to have a mama like you! hugs. xoxo

  5. Lynn

    Open heart surgery was the best thing that ever happened to my daughter- couldn’t believe the difference in her color, her growth, her breathing and energy level. And you’re right, it is scary to see the number of tubes, etc., but you’ll be amazed at how quickly they are removed. I’ll keep you both in my thoughts. She’s a total beauty, by the way, but I’m sure you already knew that!

  6. Lo

    Oh, little elf indeed. The surgery sounds like a good thing, even if it has some scary attached to it.

  7. jay

    I agree with Lo. Sending lots of love xx

  8. docgrumbles

    I hope the surgery does wonders for the little elfkin.

  9. Amy

    that’s great news!! hopefully these issues will all be put behind you soon. she seems like such a trooper, i’m sure she’ll do great!

  10. B

    May 21st is a wonderful day for heart surgery! My wife had heart surgery on May 21st 5 years ago. She had mitral and tricuspid valve prolapses and an ASD and was in congestive heart failure. The difference was instantaneous. She went into surgery at 7 am with gray skin and zero energy and came out with pink cheeks 7 hours later! It was hard to see all the tubes but they were gone soon enough. She was out of the hospital in 4 days and back to normal activities 2 weeks later.

  11. Butch & Peggy Love

    thanking of you love peggy

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