Celebrating another 1/2 lb gain!

8 1/2 lbs today!

8 1/2 lbs today!



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10 responses to “Celebrating another 1/2 lb gain!

  1. omg beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  2. jay

    hooray! soooooooo cute!!!!

  3. yay!!!! She’s just the big fattie now! ~wink~

  4. isothegoldenegg

    Smooches, Simone!!! Pack on the plump!

  5. Lo

    What a lovely, wise face!

  6. vee

    An extra half-pound of cutie goodness to love? Nice work Simone; nice work mummy!

  7. gooooo Simone! what a lovely little peanut!

  8. g

    awesome! way to go mom and simone!

  9. Simone is truly beautiful. I was so glad to see your posts, know you are feeling better, have good drugs, and are on an upswing. I’m not on Facebook, so I’ve missed out on updates there, SO HAPPY to see you here. Lots of love.

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