Sorry it’s so quiet

posted by Mel

This is a lot of work! I’m updating Facebook slightly more regularly– there are more pics anyway. If you FB and we are not already friends there, comment here and I’ll friend you. In the meantime, perhaps this will pacify you:


I know. Cutest baby in the world. This is still from the hospital. Need to get more current ones downloaded from my camera.



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20 responses to “Sorry it’s so quiet

  1. jay

    Ahhh cute indeed!! We aren’t on FB – any chance of emailing a couple over? xx

  2. how amazing! hello simone 🙂 time to change the ticker… she is HERE!

  3. Oh she is simply beautiful!! I would love to be your facebook friend…it’s the email here 🙂

  4. Friend me, please! Do you have my real name?

  5. Annette

    I should have thought to take a picture when I was there and she was nine days old. Nah, she is even cuter in person!

  6. Jen

    Awwww!! She is adorable! I wanna pinch her cutie little cheeks!!
    If you have a chance add me on FB I’m under Jennifer Piercy Hicks

  7. Mel – I just sent you an email – and I guess it was to your work account (sorry, that is the one I had) and I got a bounceback saying you are out of the office (of course) but that your email will be “checked” in your absence. Just in case it isn’t being checked by you, I wanted to give you a heads up, so you could grab the one I sent … I was replying an email you send me once upon a time, giving me a blog password, so that is in the reply. Anyway, I may be sounding a false alarm, but hoping I didn’t just mix personal and professional in a way that was uncomfortable for you! Ack. I was just asking for your mailing address b/c I have something for Simone.

  8. Lo

    Oh, Mel, she is just stunning.

  9. Amy

    glad you checked in! she’s adorable! so thrilled to hear that she’s home!! looking forward to following you on this new journey…

  10. How wonderful! Congrats to you. XO Daisy

  11. All mine are stillon my camera too. I’m intimidated by the hundreds of pictures I need to get from there.

  12. oh – jeez, andI didn’t even reply – ADORABLE!!

  13. j

    I am on FB and am not sure if you know my real name or not….

  14. You can find me on facebook 🙂 Actually, I will find you.

  15. CD

    more more more. 🙂

  16. Co

    Such a great photo. I’m going to friend you on FB.

  17. I am facebook would love to see your photos, I have more on there also.

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