Almost There

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Sorry I took so long to post an update. Simone had a sleepy Friday morning, so we got NST’d FOREVER. She measured 3 lbs, 15 oz, so it looks like she’s growing about an oz/day now. I’m pretty happy with that. The peri confirmed that she will get evicted whether I like it or not at 37 weeks, so she’ll be born some time the week of January 19th. I’m hoping for later in the week to give her just a little more time to cook. If she continues growing at her current rate, she should be right around 5 lbs at birth. I’d be thrilled.

Had yet another NST (#11, I think) this morning, and she was mercifully compliant. ANOTHER one on Wednesday + ultrasound + OB appointment. I am really getting sick of the inside of that hospital, though I’m very grateful for the kind of care we’re receiving. I’m hoping we set the induction date on Wednesday. Even though I hate that she doesn’t get to come out in her own good time, it will be good to have the date fixed in my head. My last day in the office will be this Friday. The nursery is about as close to ready as it can be.



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12 responses to “Almost There

  1. My god it took you a long time to update!

    I’m SO glad she’s growing. SO happy.

    I know what you mean about the bajillion NSTs. They just upped my own to 2/week and today is my big growth scan too. I’m very curious as to how big this boy is.

  2. glad things are moving so smoothly… and that simone is gaining steadily. enjoy your last week at work 🙂 sorry about the eviction, though since we were worried she might demand to get out sooner than 37 weeks, i guess it is pretty good news 😉

  3. Shae

    Do you have a nursery theme?

  4. Ya know, we were waiting!

    Great news. Go Simone!

  5. Co

    Glad you still are getting good news. I, too, am sorry about the eviction. That really stinks. Be kind to yourself.

    Get as big as possible, Simone!

  6. Carolyn

    I can’t wait for Simone to get here! (at 37 weeks though). 🙂

  7. Good growing Simone! In another 2 weeks, maybe she will have packed on enough weight that she won’t need to be in the hospital? I’m just thinking that if she can be even slightly above an ounce a day from now on, she’ll hit 5 lbs before she gets evicted.

    It’s exciting that she’ll be here soon!

  8. Amy

    awesome, awesome news!! my brother was born right at 5 lbs and he’s a giant, handsome muscle guy at 33 y/o. an induction isn’t so bad, sounds like she may even be able to go home with you or shortly after which is incredible!!

  9. giggleblue

    i was getting nervous!!! i’m happy to hear all is well, and i’m hoping that she will be able to leave with you when you leave the hospital. she’s a little fighter already, and i know all 5lbs of her will be wonderful!

  10. Mel, I’m so happy things are going well so far. I keep checking back for updates even though I don’t get a chance to post too often anymore. Sending you lots of love from Canada. Toronto is great so far – can’t wait for Sandra to get out here.

  11. That must be hugely relieving news for you both!

  12. Hi! Were doing NST’s twice a week now because of size but the opposite. Ours is TOO big.

    Just wanted to come by and lend support and say you are doing a great job! xoox

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