Apropos of Nothing

posted by Mel

I hate IKEA. There isn’t one close by, so I am forced to shop on their horrible web site. Nothing I love for the baby’s room is available for sale on their horrible web site.

In other news, Simone’s last NST was fine. Next NST and growth scan on Friday. The holidays have been good, but I am glad they’re over. Ready to get this show on the road and meet my kid already.

Note my ticker says Simone is over 5 lbs– don’t I wish. I’m crossing all of my fingers and toes for 4 lbs this week.



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8 responses to “Apropos of Nothing

  1. Did you forget my horror experience with IKEA over the summer? How they never shipped anything and double charged my card? I’ll never shop their website again.

  2. grrrrr… good luck with the ikea website 😦 wish we could throw you in the car and wisk you to our nearby ikea… glad the NSTs are going well… simone will catch up eventually, at least for now she is in no rush to arrive, and that is good.

  3. Amy

    i think your ticker is unreasonably high anyway. as you know our due date is within a few days of yours and our baby is supposedly growing *normally* and our midwife estimated her weight last week between 3.5-4 lbs. That sounded low to me and I questioned her and she said that Melanie is measuring within a normal range (32 weeks) at 33 so she really isn’t worried about her own “guesstimate” of size. Needless to say, it’s gotten me a bit concerned but I wanted to let you know if Simon is measuring 4 lbs she’s right on track, even if on the smaller side of average.

  4. Jenny

    Hey don’t forget about the new IKEA in Cincinnati. It’s only about 1.5 to 1.75 hours each way from Indy. Take a Saturday and make it a trip.

  5. giggleblue

    i hate the ikea website too. but, i will shop in stores and something about their .99 cent breakfast makes me warm inside…

  6. Bleugh! We did the particular slice of hell that is Ikea at the weekend too. I can’t decide whether real life or online is more tortuuous, but I agree that their rage of nursery stuff is disappointing. We got a big voucher from Jay’s folks as a wedding gift and have spent it on a lovely chair suitable for nursing in, which was far more exciting and gratifying.

  7. Co

    What stuff do you still need, and do you want suggestions for furniture? We don’t have anything for J. from IKEA, but we really like the few bits of furniture we have for him and we can let you know where we got it if you’re interested in some other options. I guess if you’ve fallen in love with certain IKEA items though… Blech.

    Glad to hear the last NST went well. Hang in there.

  8. missanthropy

    I was thinking about making a trip to the IKEA outside Columbus – or wherever the hell it is – soon. If you want some stuff, let me know. 🙂 I’ve never shopped their web site because I can never figure out their shipping costs. Isn’t it like a flat rate of $250 for anything?

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