NST #7 + 32-week U/S

posted by Mel

Made it through another one without getting kept at the hospital. Blood flow through the cord still “normal.” She grew 9 oz in two weeks to 3 lbs, 2 oz. The peri said babies usually grow about 1 1b in this same timeframe at this gestation but was satisfied that at least she was still growing and still following along the same growth curve as most babies, even if she is well outside of the normal range. She is just so tiny. Assuming the NSTs continue to look good it looks like we’ll make it to 34 weeks. The ultimate goal of course is still to make it to 37, when the peri said that, despite her size, she should be able to breathe and feed on her own. At that point she’d just have to be kept in a heated isolette until she could maintain her own body temperature, which usually happens when they reach 5 lbs. My dream would be to take her home from the hospital when I am discharged. I’d gladly settle, however, for no vent and no IV.

It’s still frustrating not to be able to do anything to make her grow. I expressed this to the peri, and he asked how far along the nursery was b/c at least that’s something I can do. When I admitted it wasn’t very far along because things seemed so up in the air, he said that it was time to accept the reality that I will leave the hospital at some point with a real live baby. He’s so kind. It was word-of-mouth referrals to him that made me choose this practice in the first place, and even though I didn’t end up getting him as my full-time doc, I haven’t been disappointed in a single caregiver I’ve seen there.



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10 responses to “NST #7 + 32-week U/S

  1. Katy

    Ok, so when should we put the crib together? Our baby is growing…just delicately.

  2. I can only imagine the anxiety this is causing, but Simone is a tough little girl. She’ll be reminding you of that in the coming decades.

  3. giggleblue

    i’m happy that she is moving along nicely in her own little way. i’m confident you are going to make it to 37 weeks or even longer!

  4. vee

    So pleased Simone is continuing to make good progress and that your caregivers are so supportive.

  5. You rock on Simone! Keep proving everyone wrong and growing despite numbers or timelines 🙂 What a great support system you have in your doctors. It seems rare nowadays. We’re so happy to hear that this all went well. You’re in our thoughts and prayers.

  6. Stay put for a bit longer Simone 🙂 We love you and want to wait a few more weeks to meet you.

  7. erincooks

    Both of my girls could regulate their own temperature long before five pounds so you never know, maybe she won’t need NICU time at all!

  8. I’m glad she’s growing! Yay! 5 weeks. You can do it. She can do it. And if not, that’s okay too, she’ll be okay.

  9. Co

    Growth is good. Hang in there, Simone.

    And yes, get that nursery-a-going.

  10. Just stopping in to say that I am so glad Simone is making progress, though I’m sorry it has been so stressful. Sending you love and best wishes for a happy, healthy Simone, and a happy, healthy new year. xo

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