NST #2

posted by Mel

Another really good non-stress test this morning. Simone was very reactive. Might have had something to do with the egg & cheese breakfast burrito, apple, and cranberry juice I scarfed down hoping to make her move so that we could get out of there more quickly. Many thanks to Katie who accompanied me this morning. I am trying to always take someone with me so that I’m not alone if I ever get bad news or am made to stay in the hospital. This Thursday my mom is on deck and totally psyched to be attending her very first ultrasound. I’m hoping to play the grandma card to get some measurements taken, because the nurse today told me that they probably wouldn’t take any at this biophysical profile. It has been two weeks since measurements were last taken. Because they weren’t good then I really want to know how much she has grown. I HOPE she has grown because I gained 2 lbs since last Wednesday! That’s right– 2 lbs in 5 days. I’m not complaining, though. I’m thrilled. That brings me to 13 lbs so far for this pregnancy. I’m hoping the sudden weight gain is not just turkey, dressing, and too many cookies and that it means she’s having some kind of miracle growth spurt.

In other news, a very nice man I work with asked me today if I was dilating at all yet. Um, no. It was asked out of concern and very well meant I know, but… inappropriate much?! It is probably the most personal question I’ve been asked yet. Somehow seems even more personal than when people ask about the mechanics of artificial insemination and IVF, details I actually never mind providing because I love to educate others about ART.



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6 responses to “NST #2

  1. people are soooo strange… i wonder if he even knows what that means. great news on the nst front and i am happy to hear that you are bringing someone with you to each visit.

  2. Io

    Oh my. Yeah, that seems a little more intimate than ART stuff somehow. And I know it’s sexist of me, but that a man was asking seems even weirder.
    Yay for Simone wiggling around! Hopefully she got some of that delicious fattening Thanksgiving day food. Good luck getting measurements next time.

  3. Amy

    hooray for another good one! definitely curious about growth too, i hope they comply for grandmas sake!

  4. I wonder the same thing that Mulberry asked. Does he even know what that means? It sounds maybe, like one of those questions a guy would ask not knowing what it even is, but thinks that it’s a good way to show concern, lol. Wow. That one blew me away. Cant wait to hear about Simone and how the measurements have changed. Lots of love, Jen and Michelle 🙂

  5. It was pretty amazing hearing her in there knocking around – she’s quite active and spunky in my opinion 🙂

  6. docgrumbles

    okay, I have yet to get that particular question!

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