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Now that the numbness has worn off, now that the acceptance of new circumstances has begun to set in, I am coming back to the me that is a demanding control freak of a patient. We see the peri again on Wednesday, and I am beginning to collect my questions. I’m going to list here what I have so far, and if anyone thinks of anything to contribute, let me know.

1. What’s the metric that would cause you to call for an induction immediately?

2. If Simone were to come right now, what kind of complications would we face (at 29 weeks)?

3. How old do babies need to be before they can usually breastfeed? Will she get my expressed breastmilk in the NICU, or will she probably have to be IV-fed?

4. Should I get a shot to mature her lungs? When would you administer that?

5. Do growth restricted babies ever have growth spurts, or can we expect her growth rate to continue to decline only?

6. Could sleeping on my back have contributed to taxing the cord?

7. Does the baby’s ethnicity make a difference? The doctors have referred to my ethnicity and genetic makeup, and I think they just assume that the donor was white, but he wasn’t.

8. Should I be trying to consume more calories or increasing my iron intake?

9. What percentile was Simone at 23 weeks compared to her percentile now? Was the 4% mentioned her growth or just her size for her gestational age? Is it tracking lower or the same?



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11 responses to “Questions

  1. Lo

    You are one prepared patient. Awesome.
    Our midwives always said that sleeping on your back was *not* bad….if it hurt, it was bad, and if it didn’t, it wasn’t. So I wouldn’t blame yourself for that one.

  2. Katy

    There’s my Melody!

  3. giggleblue

    i think that’s an awesome set of questions, and i’m glad you have put something on paper that way you don’t forget.

    i would ask more questions about what to expect with the NICU and how long they think she would need to stay.

    wishing you the best of luck with you appointment!!

  4. Jen

    Hey sweetie sounds like you’re asking all the right questions. I did a post on my blog a few days ago with a link to a great blog FLOTSAM. Her writing is terrific and she has been through everthing possible premie related. Her daughter is 9 months old now. I am pretty sure she was born at 24-26 weeks. Worth a read that’s for sure!

  5. erincooks

    Hey. I’ve followed you two for a while, not sure if I’ve ever commented. I have identical twins, born at 31w6d due to placental insufficiency (growth restriction). I’ve been through what you’re going through (although mine was diagnosed at 19 weeks) and can answer most of your questions.

    If you have an email address posted here I”ll email you there. If not, please feel free to email me at The NICU sucks, but I think it helps tremendously to be mentally prepared for it.

  6. Carolyn

    Hey Melody- Good luck with the appointment tomorrow. You have a great set of questions. I used to be a respiratory therapist in a NICU. It isn’t a fun place to be…I’ve seen babies smaller than 29 weeks do wonderfully many times though. I am rooting for you and I love that you have a great list of questions….. Let us know how it goes tomorrow.

  7. yup, sounds good. after our eamils, couldn’t think of anything else.

    (also, i “answered” you from the comment you just left!) 🙂

  8. So much to worry about suddenly. I say being prepared and educated is a good way to go.

    Come on, Simone (and Simone’s cord)… stay in there as long as possible!

  9. Mel, I’ve been out of the loop, hiding from blogs. But wanted to check in with you. Was sorry to hear this disconcerting news. But so glad to hear you are at 29 weeks. Two and a half years ago, my sister went into labor at 29 weeks. Last night I chatted with my perfectly healthy nephew about how he was going to eat turkey and apple pie this week because it was Thanksgiving. He spent a long time in the NICU, and it was really rough on my sister, not the way she wanted to start out as a parent, but the good news is that he is totally fine now. Big hugs and sending lots of healthy vibes to little Simone.

  10. Io

    I hope your appointment tomorrow is good. Simone has a lot of people sending her good vibes.

  11. Co

    Fingers crossed for your appointment.

    Good for you for taking what control you can and coming up with a list of thoughtful and relevant questions.

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