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Now that the numbness has worn off, now that the acceptance of new circumstances has begun to set in, I am coming back to the me that is a demanding control freak of a patient. We see the peri again on Wednesday, and I am beginning to collect my questions. I’m going to list here what I have so far, and if anyone thinks of anything to contribute, let me know.

1. What’s the metric that would cause you to call for an induction immediately?

2. If Simone were to come right now, what kind of complications would we face (at 29 weeks)?

3. How old do babies need to be before they can usually breastfeed? Will she get my expressed breastmilk in the NICU, or will she probably have to be IV-fed?

4. Should I get a shot to mature her lungs? When would you administer that?

5. Do growth restricted babies ever have growth spurts, or can we expect her growth rate to continue to decline only?

6. Could sleeping on my back have contributed to taxing the cord?

7. Does the baby’s ethnicity make a difference? The doctors have referred to my ethnicity and genetic makeup, and I think they just assume that the donor was white, but he wasn’t.

8. Should I be trying to consume more calories or increasing my iron intake?

9. What percentile was Simone at 23 weeks compared to her percentile now? Was the 4% mentioned her growth or just her size for her gestational age? Is it tracking lower or the same?



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