posted by Mel

Dear Simone,

Thank you kindly for removing yourself from the little cave you were excavating in the left side of my pelvis. 5+ hours in one position is long enough, and frankly it was putting me in a very nasty mood. Hope you enjoyed the hot chocolate. Sorry about the sugar buzz, but I was fucking desperate.





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12 responses to “Ow

  1. I just finished a cup of hot chocolate and hoping there is a shift and my right hip will stop aching. lol

  2. Io

    Ooo, now I need some hot chocolate…

  3. i’m with Io… where’s the hot chocolate??? glad little simone saw fit to burrow elsewhere for awhile 🙂

  4. I’m with Lo and Mulberry, hot chocolate sounds GREAT! Plus, if it’ll get Addison to move off of my bladder for 20 minutes, I’m all over it, lol. So glad Simone moved for you 🙂 I laughed my butt off at the post too

  5. giggleblue

    what? hot chocolate causes movement??? i’m really going to have to start using it!!

  6. It was a tip from a co-worker. I thought this suggestion was safer than the one she provided that involved vibrating the baby off my hip bone with a ride on a snowmobile.

  7. Co

    I tried using a hot pack/cold pack to get Flipper to move. He used to stick his foot in one particular spot in my rib cage and the rib muscle was inflamed and hurt like the Dickens. So, I would put a hot pack or cold pack right up against the spot. It worked. He would move his foot from my back… and put it up against the same muscle but in my front instead of in my back, so then the same rib muscle hurt again, but in the front of my body. There was no way to win. But you could try a hot pack/cold pack to try to get Simone to move, too… Hot chocolate sounds more fun, though.

  8. Io

    I hope you don’t mind that I totally copied your hair!

  9. Who told you to ride on a snowmobile to move Simone????

  10. docgrumbles

    JAG responds well to hot chocolate, too

  11. Ha-freakin’-ha. This was toooooo funny. 🙂

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