Whether I’m ready or not

posted by Mel

27 weeks today. One of the sites I check out to see what’s going on with Simone every time I hit a weekly milestone says that I am 3rd trimester today. That’s not possible, is it? Tell me I have another week. Bwahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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5 responses to “Whether I’m ready or not

  1. what’s wrong?? wanting little simone to SLOW down already? hard to imagine she will be greeting the outside world in 3 months! i guess that must feel quite overwhelming (and exciting?). thinking of you – hoping against hope that you will come visit 😉
    xo mulberry

  2. Julie

    …welcome to the third trimester.

  3. docgrumbles

    They can never agree, can they?

    Whether it is this week or next week (I say you get to pick)… congrats on getting that far!

  4. Io

    You have another week!
    (Uh, that’s what you wanted to hear right? Even with another week, that means you’re a week from the third trimester…)
    You need help putting stuff together or anything?

  5. amy

    i always thought that 28 weeks was the start of the 3rd trimester but what the heck!! congrats on the 3rd and final chapter of this story for you guys, on to the bigger better one ; )

    i’ve been out of pocket for a while but would love to catch up on what’s been going on if you’re willing to share your pw…

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