Leg Cramps

posted by Mel

12:30. I was sleeping soundly. Both shins and both calves at the same time. Most excrutiating pain of my life. I’m not being a drama queen. Thought I was going to die– of leg cramps. If labor is this bad, please start my epidural now. Better yet, just gas me. At 12:45, the pain has subsided, but I am afraid to move.



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12 responses to “Leg Cramps

  1. ugh that happened to me when I was preggers too. Worst ever! I found that eating lots of bananas and drinking plenty of water helped a bit.

    ps…. labor is worse… you don’t even want to know lol

  2. giggleblue

    poor thing!!

  3. poor puppy! i hate that feeling…

  4. I’m telling you right now, go with what Annabelle said. At any given moment, we have a bunch of bananas in our house and always a litre of water next to the bed. Not that it helps the moment you wake up screaming, but it only takes a couple of those to get you eating those bananas pretty much every day! Poor thing, sorry you had to wake up like that 😦 As far as the labor, you just may want to get the gas now, lol 🙂

  5. Wendy

    I had the same thing, and I am here to tell you labor is NOT as bad as leg cramps. In addition to the bananas, try stretching your calves before you get into bed, and do NOT sleep with your feet pointed or extended (make sure that your covers aren’t tucked in to tightly). Try to keep your feet in the same position as they would be if you were standing — flexed to 90 degrees. Tell your midwife/OB that you are having them, too, as they may have some other options. Eating bananas certainly can’t hurt, and you might find natural sources of magnesium to eat as well. Good luck!

  6. I can’t speak to labor but 2 thumbs up on the bananas – I used to get crippling (and I mean crippling) leg cramps when I was running minimarathons and other such nonsense at night. Mine were so bad I had to buy these things I wore on my feet and ankles that kept my feet at 90 degree angles all night. So eat bananas and maybe look into some other options with the doc.

  7. vee

    I think Katie’s talking about Strasbourg socks? http://morseyruns.blogspot.com/2007/06/behold-strasbourg-sock.html

    Sounds nasty – another thing unearthed in the conspiracy of silence that is pregnancy! Why do they never really warn you about this shit?

  8. Leg cramps are way worse than labor, trust me. WAYYYY worse. They don’t end for hours sometimes. Contractions end every minute or so and give you a break.

    Hope you sleep better tonight!

  9. Yes Vee something just like that – they have a variety of options.

  10. docgrumbles

    potassium and calcium help — and flex your foot the moment they start

    but… yeah – they are AWFUL!

  11. Katy

    You need more potassium. Fill up like your friends said with the bananas (and any relief assistance you may need thereafter). Need your legs rubbed? I can do that. I wonder what ointment would be good? My granny would probably suggest peeing on or in something for a cure.

  12. Lisa

    Your body is lacking postassium, water or both. Make sure you drink plenty of water because dehydration can make you start false labor. It happened to me twice during my first pregnancy. Easy fix is water and bananas, mmmmmm.

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