The Best of News

posted by Mel

It looks like she’s OK– knock on wood.

The cardiologist couldn’t find anything wrong with her heart. She kept up a steady 138 bpm– MUCH better than last week. Blood flow looked good. We didn’t find any holes– unless they’re just too small to see or have already closed up. The cord had good blood flow, too. I asked what would have made her heartrate fall so low last week, and the only explanation the cardiologist could come up with was that perhaps the doc and u/s tech had been too rough with the transducer and somehow cut her blood flow. She said that sometimes that happens. WTF. Our doc is pretty rough w/ that doppler, but I wouldn’t have thought it could have such a drastic effect. She still didn’t sound right hours later when we got home from the appointment. At least she has sounded good ever since. Next week we go back to our OB’s for an extensive ultrasound, and we’ll get a good look at the rest of her, including her kidneys.

I am breathing a huge sigh of relief. What a rollercoaster. She is really beautiful, though. She looked like she’d gained a lot of flesh in the last 3 weeks, and she was moving all over the place. Once she flipped completely upside down. Sweet Simone, I can’t wait to be your mommy on the outside. Please stay put and do not stress yourself out.



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26 responses to “The Best of News

  1. amy

    OMG, i’m so thrilled to hear this wonderful news! what a weird explanation, i’m sure you’re OB will think he’s nuts for that suggestion but at least it may calm them down a bit if they’re too rough. we have another ultrasound on Thurs, can’t wait for another peek!!

    sounds like you can go back to stressing about day cares ; )

  2. Phew.

    I feel like swearing a whole lot in relief. I hope the news continues to improve!

  3. docgrumbles

    Yes!!! Woo hoo!

    Hoping for an equally reassuring u/s!

  4. JJ

    So incredibly happy to read this all have been in my thoughts so much.

  5. fantastic news!!!!!!! we’re both so pleased and relieved for you. hooray!! xxxx

  6. Io

    Oh yay! I am seriously choked up I am so glad Simone is okay. And fleshy! (Hah! That cracked me up!)

  7. Carolyn

    Soooooooo happy and relieved!!!!!!! Ahhhh…..
    Yippee Simone!!!!

  8. such wonderful news! glad to hear that simone is doing well… and doing flips too! hurray!!!

  9. missanthropy

    Everytime you say something that gets me all freaked out, things turn out okay. Stop freaking me out! Love and hugs.

  10. And both of you do the same – especially you Transportation Mommy 🙂 I’m so relieved and happy for you guys.

  11. Lynn C.

    What fabulous news! I’ll continue to send tons of growing thoughts to you and sweet Simone. Wooo-hoooo!

  12. Co

    What great news! So relieved to hear it.

    (Jo says hi to little Simone!)

  13. Lo

    That sure is the best news ever. Yeah Simone!!!

  14. Thank goodness! I am so very glad to hear that Simone is OK and that this week’s appointment was so reassuring.

  15. such great news! so happy for you all. 🙂 xx

  16. Thank God for the healthy baby girl. Have been praying for your family.

    Keep on keeping on Simone your family will wait to see you when you are a little bit bigger!

  17. Whew!!! I can’t tell you how happy I was to see this post. Yay Simone!!! 🙂

  18. Thank goodness. I’m so relieved at your news.

  19. Oh, thank god. So relieved for you. So happy.

  20. Kim

    Yay! I’m breathing a huge sigh of relief with you.

  21. YAYYYYYY!!!! Oh my gosh, that’s awesome news! We’re so happy for the three of you. I’m not surprised that what the doctor told you, may be the cause. We had that happen two appointments ago, but our OB knew what had happened. I’m so sorry that if that is what it was, that you all had to go through such a scare. Stay strong little Simone 🙂 your mommy’s are waiting….

  22. I am new to your blog, but wanted to express my relief as well to the news about your sweet daughter. I hope for only the best for your family and I look forward to reading about her wonderfully uncomplicated entry into the world. Chin up moms, she’ll be here before you know it.

  23. Robin

    That is fantastic. I’m so glad she is all right.

  24. Jen

    That is the best news I’ve heard in weeks!! I’m so glad things are looking good!!!

  25. I really don’t know if this helps, and I’m not a medic, but my son (age 11) has cardiac arryhthmia. His heartbeat is – from time to time – very irregular, and the first time we spotted it (when he was about 6) it scared us rigid. It sounded as if it stopped altogether, at intervals.

    He was checked out at the hospital, and it was fine. Apparently it’s very common indeed in children (don’t know about adults).

    His heartbeat was always regular when I had an ultrasound, but then it only goes irregular from time to time, so who knows? Maybe it was like that from the day his heart started beating, and it took 6 years to spot it.

    Keep well.

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