Thank you

posted by Mel

A quick note to say that I am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from this amazing online community, as well as the expressions of love and support we’re getting from our RL friends and family. I’ve been talking to Simone a lot and telling her about all the people who are wishing her health and strength. Several times in the last couple of days I’ve come across her name on one of your blogs, and it makes me cry every time. I can’t articulate it as well as I’d like, but it means a lot to me that she is real enough (even to people other than us) for you guys to use her name.

We’ve been listening for her heart beat several times/day, and today I even took the doppler to work. She’s still there, and though her heartbeat does falter sometimes it’s never as low or slow as it was in the doctor’s office on Wednesday.



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11 responses to “Thank you

  1. I just can’t get over how scary this will be for you. To have to listen to her heartbeat all the time. A bajillion more hugs for all of you.

  2. Suzanna Catherine

    Keeping you and baby Simone in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Carolyn

    I’m thinking of the 3 of you about every 5 minutes! Sending positive thoughts your way and into Simone’s hearts. 🙂

  4. (((hugs))) and lots and lots of positive, healing vibes for Simone

  5. Io

    Simone already has a lot of people that are stupidly excited to meet her. I hope she knows that and keeps on thumping.

  6. i just caught up with your blog…. dotn know what to say, what an awful time, we are thinking of you both and sending all the love we have your way. xx

  7. Even thought she’s not outside your womb physically, she’s very much already a part of our lives. I find myself thinking of you guys as 5 instead of 4. Or 6 instead of 5 if I count the stomping boy. Anyway, I hope she knows we are thinking about her. I watched Jojo cuddle up to a little girl at Petfest Saturday and found myself imagining her doing the same to Simone.

  8. Robin

    You, Vanessa, and Simone are weighing heavily on our minds and will be in our thoughts.

  9. Thinking about the three of you like crazy right now… xo.

  10. docgrumbles

    Come on, Simone, we know you can do it. Your moms love you very much.

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