LBGT-friendly daycares in Indy?

Posted by Melody

Anyone know an alternative families-friendly daycare provider in Indianapolis? Would prefer Center Township, SE side of Marion County, or on something on the East leg of 465.

I’ve been researching in-home but haven’t had a lot of positive experiences so far. We did visit one of those designer daycares that are really just a franchise following a corporate formula (BLEH). It did not fit our needs. We’d like someone who is open to cloth diapers, but it’s not a deal breaker. We’d also like someone who doesn’t have a problem with breastmilk and homemade baby food. The breastmilk doesn’t seem to be a problem, but the homemade baby food was a showstopper at the designer daycare.

I am so jealous of Raz-ma-taz, who found a Unitarian Universalist daycare program. No such luck in our community. We would drive out of the way for that. It sounds perfect.



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2 responses to “LBGT-friendly daycares in Indy?

  1. Co

    good lord! why would they mind homemade baby food? we bring homemade baby food for jo. instead of a jar, we hand them a tupperware. it’s no different.

  2. missanthropy

    I used to attend a Unitarian church. They were totally awesome people; Jews, Christians, atheists, whatever. Unfortunately, there are only three churches that I know of in or around Indy. One, however, might be on your way to work, but I’m not sure if they provide daycare during the week.

    And, to Co: homemade baby food may sound completely ethical and reasonable, but all my recent new-mom/recently pregnant friends have told me stories about friends and family and daycare providers flipping out about something as mundane as cloth diapers and glass bottles being on their registry. I’d have thought it was all very green and applause-worthy, but apparently some people still think being conscious of waste is too hippy-dippy/new-agey. It drives me nuts.

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