We are having a…

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I'm a girl!

Yep, I'm a girl!

It was really easy to get this shot, but she kept her legs and her arms up over her head a lot, so we had a much more difficult time getting a face shot. I offered to get up and jump around, but the u/s tech preferred to just beat on my uterus with the ultrasound tool. Turns out that neither the baby nor I enjoyed that much, which is how we finally got a look at this:
Knock it off! I'm trying to sleep!

Knock it off! I'm trying to sleep!

Safe to say she was a little pissed off about all the banging around up top.
Everything looks like it’s in pretty good order. 4-chamber heart. The u/s tech said the head and neck looked good, and we think she thought the kidneys looked good, but we’re a little wary that she was telling us everything there was to know. At one point she typed out 2 ves cord and, on prying, she told us that means that the cord has two vessels instead of the normal three: one artery and one vein instead of two arteries and one vein. She said this was normal and might just require more monitoring. Hmm. No doc appointment for another 2 weeks, so on reaching home Vanessa consulted Dr. Google and we find ourselves in the small percentages once again. This happens in 1 in 100 live births. 2/3 of babies with a two vessel cord are born with no problems. 1/3 have problems that can include everything from heart and gastrointestinal tract abnormalities to intrauterine growth retardation. There’s also a 20% stillbirth rate. Lovely.

The good news is that the scan looked pretty good and u/s picks up a lot of the potential problems. So a good scan is very heartening. Sigh– it would be really nice if something could be easy for once. Vanessa and I are trading roles. For now I am mostly calm, and she is going into panic mode.

In any case, we are going to be girl mommies!! I cannot wait to meet our little Simone.


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  1. Katy

    I knew it! Congratulations and Simone is going to be beautiful.

  2. Carolyn

    YIPPEE!!!!!! I”m soo excited for you guys. And i’m sure the cord thing will be fine, that Dr. Google can scare the crap out of you sometimes. If it was a major problem they’d want to see you right away. No worries. Ahhhh, a girl. 🙂

  3. Is that your name??? That’s a great name!

    Congrats!!!! This is the first good news I’ve heard since I woke up this morning. Literally.

  4. Io

    Simone? Kick ass name!
    Yay for a little girl!
    Boo for Dr. Google always adding a little extra worry.

  5. Lo

    Wow, great name! And congrats on your little girl in process!
    You meet with the OB about the scan, right? You know this, I”m sure, but you might want to talk to the doc about what the tech saw, rather than rely on Dr. G….

  6. nutella

    Yay for a little girl!! I’m glad that they gave you mostly good news. I agree with a previous commentor, if they were super concerned they’d want to see you sooner.

  7. Congratulations!

    Simone is a lovely name.

  8. fabulous news… big happy sigh…

    i ask you this, have you EVER – really ever – been calmed by something you read on google?
    why do we (and here i include my own nutty self) keep googling when we are in weakened states 😉

  9. amy

    hooray, our girls may be born on the same day!! congrats on the baby girl, there’s nothing like em’!

  10. Google is not for the faint of heart 🙂 But I know Miz Simone is healthy and happy in there (well maybe not happy when she’s getting pounded on ). I can’t wait to meet her. And you guys are good at reading this u/s. Still looks all blurry to me! Do they estimate her weight at this point?

  11. Jen

    Congratulations!!! She looks absolutely adorable 🙂

  12. Co

    Oh, she’s so cute!!!!!

    Glad you had an overall good scan. Ignore Dr. Google. He lives to make stupid diagnoses.

  13. missanthropy

    Awesome! Yay for girls!

  14. docgrumbles

    Hooray for fetal girlie bits!

    I hope you two are in the healthy 1/3 with the 2 vessels. Stay away from evil Dr. Google!

  15. Hooray! So glad to hear that all is well with Miss Simone. If she’s anything like my new little niece, Simone, she’ll be a total rock star.

  16. Ann

    My daughter had the same thing with her cord but it wasn’t caught until birth… and my my midwife was very intent and curious to inspect the abnormality.. imagine my semi drug induced state of shock when she decided to drag the pan on up to my head and emphatically show me the defect as well… ick!

    either way, Rowan is fine and beautiful.. and a very happy thriving energetic 2 1/2 year old 🙂

  17. A daughter!! So happy for you. Hope the doc can put your mind to ease at the next appt.

  18. YAY for you Ladies! Congratulations on little Simone. She’s already beautiful 🙂

  19. damn, can u delete that last comment i made, it put up my full name and i cant really have my blog searchable under my name due to work.

  20. yes! a little girl! i’m so very excited for you two! it’s going to be awesome and the name is beautiful.

    it seems like this is quite common and that each of these babies are just fine! i couldn’t see you being an exception to that. sending well wishes.

  21. Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear more.
    Sorry about the deflater one-more-uncertainty-to-start-fretting-over-information, but I am grinning from ear to ear for you two and the beautiful Simone.

  22. vee

    Congratulations girl-mummies! And she gave up the money-shot so readily – good girl! Hope your doc can set your mind to rest about the cord business soon.

  23. I am not an expert on the subject but I only had two cord vessels when I was born. As the doc explained it to my parents – babies born with only two vessels are more prone to kidney and bladder infections. Therefore, I drink more water and I can tell if I am not getting enough because I will get kidney spasms. It didn’t effect me in any other way.

    Hope this helps you.

  24. g

    Congratulations on your little girl! Seems like there are a lot of girls going to be born over the course of the next several months – how exciting! Hoping that things continue to go well 🙂

  25. Hopped over from Lost and Found to offer my congratulations and some reassurance. In April 2007 I had an ultrasound in week 17 (I believe) at which a Single Umbilical Artery was diagnosed. The doctor did a thorough scan of the heart and kidneys and said afterwards that if the SUA were associated with any malformations or chromosomal problems, he would almost certainly have seen them then. The normal heart and kidney were strong indications that this was just a normal variant and nothing to be concerned about. He invited me to come back in week 20 to give me the final all-clear, as there were some structures that would only be fully formed then — and that visit was equally reassuring. The only thing he said to watch out for in the later stages of pregnancy was growth restriction in the fetus — but that would be easy to monitor and catch. (Lucky, my baby was so big from the beginning that she never gave us any worries in that regard.)

    I hope your experience is similarly positive. Google scared me pantsless too when I checked out SUA after that first appointment, so I can only imagine how it was for you without that detailed and reassuring medical explanation to balance the fear against. Good luck to both of you!

    BTW, I know of two other bloggers in our corner of the blogosphere who had this — one at the same time as me — and in both cases things were fine. Oh, Julia too! One of her twins had that. So four happy endings just that I know of.

  26. Cool!!!!

    Now let the buying of little cute girl clothes commence!

  27. petuniahero

    Girls rule! Congrats!

  28. Tracy

    my dd had SUA as well, not caught until birth (not sure why not – had a million u/s!). It was not a big deal. The biggest defect it can be connected to is only one kidney – but we’d seen both on the million u/s. She had to have an ultrasound to check on her kidneys and they were fine, and that was the end of it for us.

  29. Congratulations on the baby girl!! My daughter had the same thing. We found out about it through our peri during the 18 wk. fetal scan. The u/s tech typed “3 VC” and I knew what it meant, then changed to “2 VC”. My heart sank (we’d experienced 4 losses prior, 2 in the 2nd tri). The peri then looked for any other anomalies and found none. He said that when no other anomalies are found, the babies are almost always born 100% healthy. I also consulted Dr. Google and had u/s every 2 weeks thereafter. She ended up going overdue and I had to get an induction. She is now a happy, healthy 4 month old. From what I heard at the hospital, there rarely are any complications from Single Umbilical Artery. All the best!!

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