18 weeks?!

posted by Mel

I cannot believe we’ve made it this far. And we know the baby is still alive because we heard its heartbeat last night on the doppler. I need to post some new belly pics. We got out of the habit of taking them weekly. I know we took one at 16 weeks, and I’ll want to take one this week to go with our new u/s pics. I can tell something’s going on in there. Vanessa can tell: evidenced by the “OMG– you are HUGE!” that I hear every night when I get into bed.

Even though most of my pre-pregnant wardrobe doesn’t fit anymore, no one else seems able to tell. That’s frustrating. It looks like I’m just gaining my weight back. (If you’ve ever lost a lot of weight, you might have noticed that people seem to LOVE it when someone loses a significant amount of weight and then puts it back on.) I’m thinking that will remedy itself soon, though.

One more day before the anatomy scan. It feels like Christmas Eve!

BTW– what is that thing in our ticker? I cannot identify anything fetal about it. Are they showing what the baby’s guts look like?



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9 responses to “18 weeks?!

  1. mulberry

    don’t know WHAT that blob of goo is supposed to be – weird ticker…

    yay 18 weeks, so exciting! i admit, i obsess about if you will be able to tell i’m pregnant (when i eventually am – you can tell it is an obsession cause i am NOT even pregnant yet). i have such a couple of bellies on me at the moment (weight right out in front) that i fret it won’t be noticeable.

    boy are people gonna be surprised when they realize that their assumptions of you gaining back weight are blown away (yes, i think that their assumptions will cloud their eyes even when strangers will easily tell you are preggers) and you have a little baby to show for it.

    happy xmas eve!!! looking forward to pictures

  2. jay

    Woo, happy 18 weeks and good luck for tomorrow! I don’t know what it is on your ticker either!?

  3. Yeah for 18 weeks!!!!!!!

  4. Lo

    I can’t wait to get a peek….

  5. You always crack me up! I stared at the ticker for a while and there’s no way that’s your baby. Maybe it’s odd colored confetti while virtual baby takes a rest??? Congrats on the 18 weeks! We’re right there with you 🙂 I really enjoyed the part about people thinking you’re just gaining the weight back. I lost a little over 30lbs before getting pregnant, and well, here I am, lol. I havent gained it all back yet, but it looks like it. Or, like I swallowed a balloon in excitement. Congrats again, we cant wait to see the u/s pics 🙂 Lots of Love, Michelle and Jen

  6. i have no clue what’s going down with the ticker, but congrats on the 18 weeks!!!

  7. Just an observation – fetuses on most of the tickers I see generally look like aliens. I’m just saying.

  8. Co

    Hurray for 18 weeks!!! So excited for you!

    I was 8 months pregnant and people STILL weren’t noticing. I am one of those hateful naturally slim ladies, so there was a point at which I was like… okay, I do NOT look like I just gained a watermelon’s worth of weight all in my front. I definitely look pregnant. And still, people weren’t noticing. I actually had a whole conversation with one man who didn’t notice I was pg until Lo mentioned it and then he looked at my belly and was like, “Oh. You are.” This was a man whose wife had been pregnant within the past year. There was another day when I was talking to a neighbor and had a 10-min. conversation with her before another neighbor came by and said, “I didn’t know you were pg!” And the woman I’d had the 10-min conversation with was like, “Oh, you ARE?” It was annoying. Someone told me it was that I didn’t carry myself like a pregnant woman. I didn’t waddle or have much trouble standing up from a sitting position or any of that stuff that people associate with pregnancy. So, maybe people just didn’t look at my belly. Who knows?

    I hope people start noticing very soon. (And that’s sick that some people love when a person has lost weight and puts it back on. I didn’t realize that.)

    Are you wearing actual maternity clothes or just regular clothes that are baggy? I found that sometimes actual maternity clothes make the pregnancy look more obvious.

  9. Carolyn

    Yippee for 18 weeks!!! I hope your u/s goes fantasitc today!!! 🙂

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