16 Week Update

posted by Mel

16 week OB appointment was today. Everything is still looking good. I’ve gained 5 lbs, which I’m really happy about. It sort of happened overnight. Up until recently I’ve been worried that I wasn’t putting on enough, while simultaneously freaking out about putting on anything at all because I worked so hard a few years ago to take it off. 5 lbs seems really healthy, though. I think I’ll be in good shape if I put on another 10-15 for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Anatomical scan set for September 10th. Yay!! In two weeks, this creature in my belly gets a name and we find out whether s/he has all the essential organs.

Also, I’m pretty sure I’m feeling movement. The feeling has kind of morphed over the last week, but it is becoming a little more consistent. I don’t really get the bubbles analogy. Feels more like throbbing or pulsing to me– like there’s an alien in there. It is happening across the band of belly where we always hear the heartbeat. It happens more in the evenings and at night, and it’s very distracting. Whenever it happens I have to stop what I’m doing and focus on it. I’m hoping that once I’m used to it I’ll be able to tune it out when necessary. Otherwise it’s going to make business calls challenging.



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15 responses to “16 Week Update

  1. Jen

    Good luck tuning it out!! Even with my last pregnancy I still dropped what I was doing when she was moving 🙂

  2. so exciting… been wondering how you were. had mac and cheese (gluten free version) last night and dakota and i were laughing about your recent food obsessed posts… see, you are dinner conversation in our house! enjoy the alien distraction.

  3. Co

    So glad everything is looking good.

    Try not to stress too much about weight. If you’re eating healthfully (the occasional donette or two or three notwithstanding), then you’re doing fine. Also, know that the weight can pack on all at once… I think mid-2nd-tri was when I suddenly had a big weight gain, and then during the 3rd tri is when baby Flipper started gaining his own weight like mad. It’s totally normal to have periods of not so much gain and then a big gain. But the books and some OBs/MWs sometimes act like, “No, it should be a steady gain.” Ignore them.

    I don’t know if you’ll be able to ignore the little creature moving around. Maybe you will. I never could, especially when the movements got more forceful and Flipper started getting the hiccups. But, I just used to sit there, trying to focus on work, and inwardly smiling at the little being doing his own thing, and it was all fine.


  4. It all sounds wonderful. I love your updates!!

  5. Sounds fabulous! Are you going to find out the baby’s gender?

  6. vee

    How fabulous to hear all is looking good. And movement? How thrilling!

  7. Io

    Movement! And two weeks – I hope you get a boy or a girl! Yee!

  8. Hey, Mel! Thanks for your comment! As Io may have told you, I live not far from y’all in a location undisclosed but likely as not easy to guess from my blog.

    I’m glad you’re progressing well and I wish you the best and smoothest of experiences from here on out…

  9. Ann

    My daughter moved only after 10 at night.. and would keep me up… and she always seemed to get the hickups just as I was about to nod off.
    I am pretty sure she was trying to get me ready for what it would be like when she was out, and i never got to sleep lol

  10. docgrumbles

    Congrats on 16 weeks, movement, and what I consider a healthy weight gain!

  11. Comment to you on Soulbliss. Careful with assumptions. Congrats on a pregnancy going well! Jodi

  12. Let’s hear it for the beautiful alien! Congratulations on the past weight loss and whoohoo on the new weight gain. Love the update.

  13. Just started reading- very exciting stuff. We’re a few weeks behind you so it’s nice to know what’s coming 😉

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