Snack Attack

posted by Mel

It is 5:45 AM Sunday morning, and I have been up since 2. Why? Vanessa woke up at 2 and had to pee, so of course I had to follow suit. Then I laid in bed for an hour not sleeping b/c I was starving. I finally got up and had a fig newton hoping that would satisfy me and I could go back to bed. No. I went back to bed for 10 minutes before the heartburn set in. Hearburn. From a fig newton. And still with the hunger. I gave up and have been looking for baby bargains on Craig’s List and researching cloth diapers for the past two hours. I have also consumed a slice of swiss cheese and a cup of light lemon chiffon yogurt. I am still hungry. At 5:45 in the morning. Just trying to hold out until Vanessa gets up around 7:30 and I can somehow justify the trans fat-coated chocolate donettes we bought on a whim at Meijer yesterday afternoon.



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4 responses to “Snack Attack

  1. Chocolate donettes are my favorite “bad” snack. I think I lived on them in high school.

  2. Hilarious! And so familiar. Chocolate donettes sound soooo good right now….When I was pregnant with our son, I loved them with French’s yellow mustard. I tried one that way a few days after I gave birth and it was disgusting, lol!

  3. Io

    Heh. That is funny – sorry about the fig newton heartburn though!
    Are you looking for particular things? I can keep an eye out at garage sales. Baby stuff is usually cheaper than cra*gslist.

  4. g

    The ONLY thing that helped my heartburn in the middle of the night was drinking a glass of milk. Actually, I would usually add some carnation instant breakfast to it b/c I don’t really like plain milk. I would go through a gallon in 4 days sometimes, but it was the only thing that worked for me at night! During the day, regular bubble gum seemed to help a lot.

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