Mmmm, processed cheese food

posted by Mel

Someone just heated up packaged mac and cheese in the breakroom around the corner from my office, and I have never smelled anything more heavenly.



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7 responses to “Mmmm, processed cheese food

  1. Io

    Mmm. It’s sick how much I love that fake yellowy-orange stuff.

  2. Jen

    LOL! you better go hunt them down 😉

  3. Hi! Ok, I really HATE processed cheese (well, I love the Wiz, lol), but I had to write. You dont know us, but you saved our sanity a time or two a few years ago! Sorry, I’m excited because I havent seen your blog for so long. I just realized that I had it bookmarked under shopping and not blog, DUH. Your blog and Two Georgia Mommies were my addiction while we were TTC.

    We took a 6 month break and started again and just recently, finally, got pregnant and we’re 12 weeks, 5 days. I just saw that you guys are 12 weeks, 2 days. So, first, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Second, I’m back on the blog-wagon, lol. I’m so glad that I found yours again because Georgia Mommies is locked up now.

    I’ll be reading again, thanks for the relatability back then and I look forward to reading again. We’d love to see you at our new blog. Lots of Love, Michelle and Jen 🙂

  4. Ok, I could probably give your blog site, lol :

  5. Have you seen that Burger King has started selling Kraft mac and cheese? I bought a cup the other day when I forgot to bring my lunch to work… it was yummy.

  6. Hello Mel Hello V
    I am glad to hear your good news and that your left leaning boob has poised your nose in the direction of cheese food and less in the direction of stress for the day–or for the moment at least.
    Thank you for your comments on my site. I found them helpful. You have my email now, so you can drop us a line anytime. Sending you and your family lots of warm wooly wishes for future beautiful photographs and measurements.

  7. Why did I have to read that? It’s 1 am and I am now seriously contemplating to go make that lone bowl of Easy Mac that’s been in the back corner of the panty for the past month.

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