Less symmetrical these days

posted by Mel

I think my left boob actually swells (more than the right) as the day progresses and goes back down at night. By the end of the afternoon it’s threatening to liberate itself from my bra, and any blouse or t-shirt I am wearing is pulled 3 inches farther in that direction. I might have to give up V-necks.



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7 responses to “Less symmetrical these days

  1. yes, something about being with child really brings out the fact that one of your jugs is bigger than the other… or so i’ve heard.

  2. a left-leaning lesbian in a red state!

  3. Katy

    Who is Lizzie and when can I meet her? Love it!

    Wait until the milk shoots out!

  4. There’s only one solution. You’re just going to have to go naked…

  5. missanthropy

    That’s hot.

  6. docgrumbles

    Someday you’ll get to say, “My tits went all lopsided for you!”

  7. Co

    Symmetry is overrated.

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