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I’m thrilled about all our good baby news. But I thought I’d share some of life’s other stuff that’s going on:

  • All our plumbing fixtures started leaking at the same time
  • Work really sucks right now
  • I’m on my period
  • I have bruises in my armpits from my 25 pound backpack
  • I dumped used cat litter all over the garage floor (and my foot)
  • Some animal ripped a bird apart on our back porch
  • One of the cats took a dump on Mel’s Ipod. And it really stinks.

What a day! I think I’ll go look at the u/s pics.




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5 responses to “Life Stuff

  1. Io

    Is it wrong that I laughed at the last one?
    Yay u/s pics!

  2. jay

    Gawd that sounds wearing!! The last one – ewww – reminds me of the time vee got curry on her mobile phone one night (no idea how) and the next morning, when she was hungover, someone rang her. The smell did not go down well!!

  3. Who shits on an iPod and is it wrong that I’ve laughed not once but twice about it today? I performed a Wiccan ritual in my backyard last week to purge the house maintenance problems from my house and I’m sure hoping they didn’t move down the street…I mean my A/C is working and all so who knows.

  4. One of my favorite things about pregnancy is that someone else has to clean up all the worst messes. I can’t. It might hurt the bayyy-beee. Sorry, honey. I will help with the plumbing this weekend.

  5. Yeah, well, your Ipod is still sitting on the back porch with crap on it.

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