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11 weeks today. I went in for one last scan at the RE’s this morning. Vanessa was traveling, and I decided to go this one alone. I’ve been doing better over the past couple of days at talking myself down from the ledge, telling myself there’s nothing I can do one way or the other, distracting myself with other things. A little humor in the comments last week helped a little. 🙂 I did a pretty good job until I got into the waiting room. Just when I thought I was going to make myself puke, they called me back.

Everything is fine. The minute my uterus swam into view, I took a huge sigh of relief. The sac has gotten much larger. It looked normal, so the RE told the u/s tech not to even bother to measure it. The fetus is actually measuring 1 day ahead of schedule– 4.27 cm. The heartbeat is steady and strong– still 188, which is high, but I can’t find a reason to be worried about it. It would be much worse if it was really slow. I’m betting that I’m just stressing it out with all my adrenaline and stress hormones before an ultrasound. The average fetal heart rate at 11 weeks is 165.

The RE looked on for about 15 seconds and then said “Oh yeah,  you’re out of here. Send us pictures.” They did a quick blood draw to check my progesterone to determine whether I can stop taking supplements, handed me a vinyl Menopur/Bravelle-branded diaper bag and a pregnancy mag, and sent me on my way.

Maybe we’re going to get a baby out of this.



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18 responses to “Released

  1. Oh, I just burst into tears. So, so, so happy. Congratu-freakin-lations on your graduation from the RE’s office. SO DEEPLY HAPPY FOR YOU.

  2. Io

    Wait, what? There’s a BABY in there?
    Awesome! (So, SO glad everything looks good)

  3. Lo

    Can’t wait to hear all those difficult decisions about an OB/midwife/whatever.

  4. missanthropy

    Applause, applause! Yay! Woot. Etcetera . . .

  5. ah, i bet that was far more sweet than bitter.


  6. Kim

    Yay! How awesome it must be to graduate from the RE. What great news!

  7. Wonderful news! Congratulations!

  8. Katy

    Save yourself any difficult decisions – I can be there to catch or merely as a second opinion on dilation (“Yes, Doctor. I do believe she measures at 7 with my left hand.”) I can also just hold the camera – it’s your call. But I do work in a hospital and have access to a lot of hand sanitizer, so don’t let that worry you.

    When do we go to the Carter store????? When do we see more pictures?

    God Bless You for not having any statistics in this post.

  9. Co

    Yay!!!!!!! Jumping up and down for you!!!!

  10. docgrumbles


    Take home baby! Take home baby!

    Kick ass!

  11. Pictures! I love that your RE is talking about pictures! This is wonderful news–soooo happy to hear it.

  12. jay

    FANTASTIC NEWS!!!! So happy for you!!

  13. Congratulations on your graduation. You made it to the big girls’ pregnancy class! Yay!

  14. Io

    Kind of expensive, but Goose at 25th and Delaware has yummy gelato. And sandwiches too.

  15. Yeah!!!!!!! Congrats on being set free from the RE!!!

  16. Annette

    Huh! I guess the sac IS stretchy, after all! Woo!

  17. anabelle

    Girls heart beats are faster than boys.. 🙂

  18. g

    That’s such awesome news! So excited for you 🙂

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