9 Weeks

posted by Mel

We had another ultrasound– this time so that our OB could date the pregnancy (EDD now February 10th). At 9 weeks we could actually see it hopping around in there. It waved its arms and legs and gave us a little booty shake for good measure. Heart rate is roaring along 188 bpm, which seemed a little high to me, but Dr. Google assures me that, though it is a bit above normal range, this is the week where the heartrate is likely higher than it will ever be again. It climbs till week 9 and then begins to settle down.

The ultrasound tech measured the gestational sac because I asked her to, and it’s still measuring a little over a week behind, which still worries me. Will try to wait until the OB has had a chance to have a look before I freak again. The embryo measured 2.27 cm. So now it’s about the size of a grape. We’re in centimeters people.

Three more pics this week. A 9 week ultrasound, an 8 week belly shot in which I show off my pre-existing stretch marks, and a food baby belly shot of Vanessa, who was feeling a bit left out of the family pics.


Now with clearly defined head and body 🙂

Please do not look too closely.Vanessa\'s food baby

Please do not look too closely.


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11 responses to “9 Weeks

  1. Io

    Oh Vanessa, that is the most beautifulist food baby I have ever seen!
    Both of you – that is a gorgeous little grape sized child you have there too!

  2. jay

    That is the most excellent grape baby I have ever seen!! Nice to see Vanessa and her food baby too : )

  3. Lo

    Heh. I wish I’d had the guts to take food baby shots with Co.
    Go baby grape!!!

  4. Oh, I am already so full of stretch marks from puberty that a few extra will hardly be noticed!

    You and Vanessa both have great bellies!

  5. Wow, wow wow!! Look at that little baby in there!

  6. Co

    It’s so cool that you saw it moving around. Hi, little embryo!!! Hello!!!

    (I still think you had late implantation. About the measuring behind bit.)

    And such lovely bellies, both of you.

  7. Jen

    What a cutie little baby!! Awesome due date! My very adorable and slightly evil (in a really cute way)daughter was due on the 9th of feb born on the 11th 🙂

  8. thanks for your note on our blog wildride42gals.blogspot.com/ 🙂 your guys have really tried it all! and congrats on the little grape. my sweetie, dakota, has clotting (possibly immune) issues too. that is what we believe was behind the 4 (in total) pregnancy losses for her. so for us it is on to her egg, my oven. i look forward to going back and reading about your journey to grapeness. great to meet you and vanessa…

  9. Wow. Baby grape is SO BEAUTIFUL. As are the two of you. Congrats over and over again.

  10. oh, i just love those little arrows pointing at baby parts, in case we weren’t clear. i think i’ve even seen on that says “baby” with an arrow pointing to it!!

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