More Firsts

posted by Mel

Vanessa and I just got back from our first real OB appointment. We love her. We didn’t know her before, and, for some reason, the intake nurse we saw a couple of weeks ago thought she would be a good fit for us.

Now I know why. Katy H, per Vanessa it is like having YOU for an OB– at least attitude-wise. She’s laid-back and funny and maybe even a little nuts. I knew I was going to adore her with just one look at her outfit. Hot pink velour sweater with 3/4-length sleeves, stretched a bit too tight around the mid-section and boobs. Brown cotton capri pants. It was 1980s gym attire– except for the shoes: chunky brown leather sandals. She has personal experience with infertility. Her last child was an IVF baby. So she seems to get the way the mind of an infertile works.

Because V and I are both gold-star lesbians, we got out of a bunch of tests for STDs AND the pap she usually does with new patients. She ordered another ultrasound for next Tuesday; so I can cancel the one I had scheduled with Dr. Pompous for next Friday and wait for our own RE to be back in town to have our graduation appointment with our clinic.

Everything was going great until they had to draw blood. I have notoriously difficult veins, and the blood was coming very slow. I passed out. It isn’t the first time it has happened, but it’s the first time it happened when I wasn’t already a bit dehydrated. I had already had 80 oz of water by then. When I came to, a nurse was holding some kind of ammonia capsule under my nose. They pretty much carried me to an empty exam room and made me lie on my side until my blood pressure came back up. It had dropped to 70/58. Considering that I’d had plenty to eat and drink, one of the nurses said that it was probably just because I’m pregnant. (What happens if you do this in the middle of a delivery? Something new to worry about.) There must have been 5 different people who came back and checked on me. It was the height of embarrassment.

Actually, the real height of embarrassment came about 5 minutes after we finally left the office when Vanessa told me I had passed gas while I was out. I hope she’s lying.



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8 responses to “More Firsts

  1. Co

    Did you feel dizzy before the test? I got dizzy during my first tri sometimes. One of my betas was taken with me lying on a table b/c they were worried I would faint.

    Fainting is a way common pregnancy symptom anyway… stereotypically so even.

    I’m glad you like your OB! What funky attire.

  2. Katy

    Farted! I think this is what you worry about during birth. I think you pray for the fainting and coming to as you hear your baby crying.

    I’m so glad you found a great OB. It sounds like she and I can bond over your vagina in say…another 32 weeks. Is that the right math? I so suck at numbers!

  3. Io

    It was most excellent seeing you again and meeting Vanessa and Katie! Charlie apologizes for his barkiness. He went home and slept like a log. The excitement was too much.

    I like the phrase gold-star lesbian. It sounds so shiny. It makes me want to be one too, though it is far too late for me. How sad.

    I understand that many women poop when they give birth…so farting for a passed out blood draw is perhaps just you working your way up the preggo ladder!

  4. vee

    Hee hee! Fainting and farting! Seriously, glad you’re ok after passing out (and passing gas).

  5. jay

    God!!!! You’ve just reminded me why I have a phobia of needles. Not that I needed reminding. Glad you’re OK!!

  6. Fab meeting you as well Io! Charlie was an angel – there was quite a bit of stimulation in the park that day. Jo lives in chaos all the time so she’s just used to it. I love the gold star designation – but alas it’s too late for me as well so I get no exemptions from paps…

  7. Marti Abernathey

    funny thing is…I work in an OB-GYN office and I’m a phlebotomist! 🙂 At first I was wondering if you were at the practice I work at, but I would have remembered something like that :p

  8. docgrumbles

    I fart all the time now – it is lovely.

    Glad you like your OB.

    Hope the fainting doesn’t become a big issue.

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