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Mmmm, processed cheese food

posted by Mel

Someone just heated up packaged mac and cheese in the breakroom around the corner from my office, and I have never smelled anything more heavenly.



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Less symmetrical these days

posted by Mel

I think my left boob actually swells (more than the right) as the day progresses and goes back down at night. By the end of the afternoon it’s threatening to liberate itself from my bra, and any blouse or t-shirt I am wearing is pulled 3 inches farther in that direction. I might have to give up V-necks.


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Look, moms! I grew my sac!

11 week ultrasound

11 week ultrasound


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Life Stuff

Posted by v

I’m thrilled about all our good baby news. But I thought I’d share some of life’s other stuff that’s going on:

  • All our plumbing fixtures started leaking at the same time
  • Work really sucks right now
  • I’m on my period
  • I have bruises in my armpits from my 25 pound backpack
  • I dumped used cat litter all over the garage floor (and my foot)
  • Some animal ripped a bird apart on our back porch
  • One of the cats took a dump on Mel’s Ipod. And it really stinks.

What a day! I think I’ll go look at the u/s pics.



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posted by Mel

11 weeks today. I went in for one last scan at the RE’s this morning. Vanessa was traveling, and I decided to go this one alone. I’ve been doing better over the past couple of days at talking myself down from the ledge, telling myself there’s nothing I can do one way or the other, distracting myself with other things. A little humor in the comments last week helped a little. 🙂 I did a pretty good job until I got into the waiting room. Just when I thought I was going to make myself puke, they called me back.

Everything is fine. The minute my uterus swam into view, I took a huge sigh of relief. The sac has gotten much larger. It looked normal, so the RE told the u/s tech not to even bother to measure it. The fetus is actually measuring 1 day ahead of schedule– 4.27 cm. The heartbeat is steady and strong– still 188, which is high, but I can’t find a reason to be worried about it. It would be much worse if it was really slow. I’m betting that I’m just stressing it out with all my adrenaline and stress hormones before an ultrasound. The average fetal heart rate at 11 weeks is 165.

The RE looked on for about 15 seconds and then said “Oh yeah,  you’re out of here. Send us pictures.” They did a quick blood draw to check my progesterone to determine whether I can stop taking supplements, handed me a vinyl Menopur/Bravelle-branded diaper bag and a pregnancy mag, and sent me on my way.

Maybe we’re going to get a baby out of this.


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Still not convinced

posted by Mel

After 5 days of waiting for the OB’s office to get back with me about my concerns about the gestational sac, I finally broke down and called them again. When they called back, the nurse had conferenced with the doctor, and neither of them even HAD our GS measurements. They just said the ultrasound looked normal. I, in the meantime, have watched the video anew and have now seen that, at 9 weeks, the sac was measuring just 4 mm larger than the embryo. According to the Internets (and not blinkie shiny naive preggo boards either– mostly abstracts from studies, like this one), a sac that is less than 5 mm larger than the embryo = 80% chance of a miscarriage.

After explaining my worries to the nurse, I get this response– We wouldn’t have even measured the gestational sac if you hadn’t requested it. It looks normal to us– cute, in fact. (CUTE?!) If it’s too small, there’s nothing we can do about it anyway. Get off the Internet, and enjoy your pregnancy.

How the fuck do I do that?


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9 Weeks

posted by Mel

We had another ultrasound– this time so that our OB could date the pregnancy (EDD now February 10th). At 9 weeks we could actually see it hopping around in there. It waved its arms and legs and gave us a little booty shake for good measure. Heart rate is roaring along 188 bpm, which seemed a little high to me, but Dr. Google assures me that, though it is a bit above normal range, this is the week where the heartrate is likely higher than it will ever be again. It climbs till week 9 and then begins to settle down.

The ultrasound tech measured the gestational sac because I asked her to, and it’s still measuring a little over a week behind, which still worries me. Will try to wait until the OB has had a chance to have a look before I freak again. The embryo measured 2.27 cm. So now it’s about the size of a grape. We’re in centimeters people.

Three more pics this week. A 9 week ultrasound, an 8 week belly shot in which I show off my pre-existing stretch marks, and a food baby belly shot of Vanessa, who was feeling a bit left out of the family pics.


Now with clearly defined head and body 🙂

Please do not look too closely.Vanessa\'s food baby

Please do not look too closely.


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