They should rename Cool Water to Stagnant Sewer Water

Eric’s cologne makes me want to vomit.

Actually, it offended my nostrils even pre-pregnancy, but now it brings me close to tears. Any way to say that delicately to a 20-year-old?

And why put on cologne just to go to the skate park?



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6 responses to “They should rename Cool Water to Stagnant Sewer Water

  1. When we all go somelace in the same car and he is in the back with me I about faint from asphixiation. He just wears SO much of it.

  2. docgrumbles

    oh yeah – I now actively avoid anyone wearing any form of scent – it is all so disgusting! Even some detergents make me gag.

  3. Jen

    When I was pregnant with my first I would puke if I even saw a Mcdonalds commercial on TV not to mention the smell! I say accidentally vomit in his room? May be the only way to get your point across 😉

  4. jay

    LOL! Can you buy him a nicer one? Or pour it all down the loo and refill it with water? He’ll never know ;o)

  5. missanthropy

    Charlie’s dad positively douses himself in cologne. After we get together, I can smell it on myself from our pre-lunch hug until I finally have to change my clothes. I think my sense of smell has to be stronger than most people’s because when I complain about tasting some old lady’s perfume, everyone looks at me like I’m crazy.
    Also, have you ever walked past an Abercrombie and Fitch store at a mall? I don’t recommend it.

  6. Io

    Cool Water. Man, I am having flashbacks to high school.

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