Now with pics (warning– belly pic)

posted by Mel

Yesterday’s ultrasound with baby measuring at approximately 7 weeks, 3 days. If you look closely, the white dot in the middle of the blob is the heart. I think the 4 peripheral white-ish protrusions might be limbs. The u/s tech is such a doll. She wrote “Hi Momma Vanessa” above it since Vanessa couldn’t be there yesterday.

I am also going to bite the bullet and show you our first belly pic. Vanessa calls this one, “I’m so happy I’m pregnant!” as opposed to the actual first belly pic we took where I was accidentally frowning because I was trying to get the positioning right, and I ended up looking just like Shirley. Vanessa calls that one “I’m so mad I’m pregnant.” I’m definitely not mad. By the way, what you see is pre-existing fat with a side of mega-bloat. The baby is only about the size of a pencil eraser at this point.

I’m still debating the widget. Feels like a jinx. Plus, I have no idea how many weeks pregnant I really am. I’m still confused about it. Do I really go by last menstrual period? Implantation was definitely late, so it’s never going to be accurate for where the baby should be. And I’m afraid to look at it all the time and think the baby is always behind. I’m neurotic enough as it is.



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8 responses to “Now with pics (warning– belly pic)

  1. My baby’s a hottie. Can’t wait to leave DC and come home.

  2. I am so happy! HB and belly! Yay!

    For due date, I adjusted mine based on u/s measurements. I went to a due date calculator site and fiddled with it until it matched what my doc said my real due date would be (since I apparently ovulated around CD 30… hardly typical). So, I used a “fake” day of my last menstrual cycle on widgets and such.

  3. missanthropy

    Woot, woot! Hoorah! Yay! And all that jazz.

  4. flippero

    Yeah, you really do calculate based on LMP, though through googling I found a way to calculate based on implantation date.
    I am so excited!!!!!

  5. Lo

    Oops, I knew I was gonna do that one of these days. That’s Flipper’s family blog. Not too exciting.

  6. You both look great! So happy to have the pics.

  7. Co

    Yay!! I see the limbs. It’s amazing how much they change in such a short time.

    There are multiple ways to calculate a due date. Our MW calculated mine about three different ways (last period, ovulation date, and length of typical cycle) and wrote the latest reasonable one as my official due date on my chart. It becomes an issue for whether or not I would have had an induction later, so the later my due date was, the better. I’m sure your doc will give you the most accurate one.

    So exciting!!!! And a belly pic to boot. You look lovely!

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