A Minor Inconvenience

Posted by v.

I’ve uploaded the photos from the minor accident I had on Saturday. Can anyone guess what happened? My car’s the red one.



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8 responses to “A Minor Inconvenience

  1. Gah! Oh no! I have no idea what happened, but I’m so sorry. Hope you’re ok and that the car will be too soon. ox

  2. Io

    Doh. Hope you’re ok, even if your car isn’t.

  3. Trusting you are ok????

  4. Everything’s okay, right? Sheesh! Maybe you should stay in for a while…
    Can’t wait to read about your next scan… good news to come!

  5. I guess I don’t get to guess since I know already?

  6. We’re fine. We were going about 10 miles/hr, and a neighbor opened her car door into our car as we were passing her on our street.

  7. Katy

    Damn! Spoiled it. I was going to go for “someone pulled out as you drove away from the curb.”

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