So this may come as a shock

posted by Mel


I’m about 6 weeks pregnant. I haven’t blogged it before now for lots of reasons, but the number one reason is that it has been so tenuous and scary and hard to believe in.


I’ll give you all the details you want, but first thing—it’s there. It’s in my uterus. It has a heartbeat. Yesterday afternoon it measured 5 weeks, 5 days, about 3 days behind where it should be according to my last period, but we’re not worried about that since, looking at my HCG levels, I probably had a late implantation.


To make a long story short—our RE thought something funny was up when I miscarried after Vanessa’s IVF considering the quality of the embryos we were working with, and he sent me for immunology screening. I was so despondent, I almost didn’t go. I just didn’t think I could possibly have an immunity problem since those are usually associated with recurrent miscarriage and, to my knowledge, I had NEVER gotten pregnant. Turns out, I have something called alloimmunity. My body sees someone else’s DNA (but apparently not my own) and attacks it so ferociously the minute an embryo tries to implant that I’ve probably been technically pregnant many times, but nothing manages to hang on long enough to produce 25 IU of HCG to show up on a FRER.


The recommendation of SART in cases of alloimmunity is to hang on and keep trying. The most common treatment for it—IVIG (intravenous immunoglobulin) is really expensive, never covered by insurance, and unproven. Our RE suggested we try one more cycle and add aspirin/Lovenox, even though that’s not really considered an effective treatment for alloimmunity.


It freaking worked—just as we were about to attend our adoption weekend intensive/beginning of our home study, I actually turned up pregnant. I know. It kind of makes me want to vomit, too. We went through with the adoption weekend and put down money. We still want to adopt, even though it might go on hold for a year or so if I end up giving birth. We’ll want to space our kids at least a little bit.


My first beta at 16 DPO (positive home pregnancy test only at 14 DPO) was only 32, and the nurse told me it was probably another chemical. I went home and bawled and ranted, came back 2 days later, and we had a 112. Two days later, we had a 331. The following week we had a u/s which revealed a teeny tiny egg sack (in retrospect, we were probably only at 4 weeks, 6 days), and another beta came back at 2420 with a cumulative doubling time now of 2.09 days. We went back for a follow-up yesterday and, after the fill-in RE (mine is out of town till next Friday) completed a guided tour of my uterus and told us I might have a previously undiagnosed uterine septum before even LOOKING for the embryo, we found a tiny fetal pole and heartbeat measuring appropriately sized for this stage of pregnancy.


FWIW, we don’t believe I have a uterine septum (nice 80% rate of miscarriage WITH one according to Dr. Pompous yesterday) since my HSG was “textbook.” He called back around 8 PM yesterday evening after reviewing my HSG and said that he now doesn’t think it’s a septum and that he hopes whatever he saw—apparently my uterus was white all around the perimeter but a little too clear in the middle?—will resolve itself within the next couple of weeks.


Due date February 7th.



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21 responses to “So this may come as a shock

  1. vee

    Fucking hell lady, you’re a dark horse!! MASSIVE congratulations! What uplifting news. *sniff* 🙂

  2. Co

    You’re preggo all right. Yay!!!! Hoping and praying for the good news to continue in the coming weeks.

  3. jay


    Wow!! That is fantastic news indeed. Brillianttttt!! You have totally made my day!! Was wondering why you’d been so quiet, and THIS IS WHY!

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!! xxxx

  4. missanthropy

    Holy fucking shit. I am crying right now, I’m so happy for you. I’m trying to type through the misty eyes. I’m sending positive thoughts, hugs, squeezes, kisses, everything your way!

  5. Congrats! You are two weeks behind me!!! I found you through a link on someone else’s blog and I will be following along with you! Good luck!!!!

  6. Congratulations to you!

  7. Lo

    I am so excited, there are no words. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!! (except that one I guess!)

  8. Io

    That’s amazing- Congratulations!

  9. holy moly!!!! congratulations! everything crossed for you guys.

  10. e.

    yEAH!!!!!! so happy for you after such a long road!!!

  11. yipppppppppppppppeeeeeeeee!

  12. g

    so excited for you! congratulations!

  13. I’ve been feeling like the internets have needed some news like this. Congrats to you. Long awaited – well-deserved congrats.

  14. It must feel good to be out, although still scary.

    This is such great news. I am hoping for many more great visits so that you and Vanessa get to put those parenting skills to work.

    The pets might get jealous, though.

  15. Kim

    Wow, what a nice surprise, to see this sudden good news. I know you’re still feeling cautious about this, but…


  16. OMG.

    What a surprise!!!! I came back today to see what was going on with adoption… and…. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!

  17. No WAY! ! ! I am so very happy to read this news! What incredible news–this made my day. Many congratulations to both of you, and I will be thinking of you and hoping for continued good news!

  18. Jen

    Congratulations!! I’ve been blog stalking you for about a year now but felt like it was time to come clean 😉 I can’t wait to see pictures of this little one just a few months from now!

  19. amy

    i just found your blog and wanted to send warm congratulations your way. my partner is pregnant as well, edd 2/12/09 so we’re right on your coat tails. we too are cautiously optimistic and can’t wait for our appt. next week to see our little bean on ultrasound.

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