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They should rename Cool Water to Stagnant Sewer Water

Eric’s cologne makes me want to vomit.

Actually, it offended my nostrils even pre-pregnancy, but now it brings me close to tears. Any way to say that delicately to a 20-year-old?

And why put on cologne just to go to the skate park?



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Now with pics (warning– belly pic)

posted by Mel

Yesterday’s ultrasound with baby measuring at approximately 7 weeks, 3 days. If you look closely, the white dot in the middle of the blob is the heart. I think the 4 peripheral white-ish protrusions might be limbs. The u/s tech is such a doll. She wrote “Hi Momma Vanessa” above it since Vanessa couldn’t be there yesterday.

I am also going to bite the bullet and show you our first belly pic. Vanessa calls this one, “I’m so happy I’m pregnant!” as opposed to the actual first belly pic we took where I was accidentally frowning because I was trying to get the positioning right, and I ended up looking just like Shirley. Vanessa calls that one “I’m so mad I’m pregnant.” I’m definitely not mad. By the way, what you see is pre-existing fat with a side of mega-bloat. The baby is only about the size of a pencil eraser at this point.

I’m still debating the widget. Feels like a jinx. Plus, I have no idea how many weeks pregnant I really am. I’m still confused about it. Do I really go by last menstrual period? Implantation was definitely late, so it’s never going to be accurate for where the baby should be. And I’m afraid to look at it all the time and think the baby is always behind. I’m neurotic enough as it is.


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It’s all good

posted by Mel

Will post a pic later, but I wanted to do a quick post to let everyone know that it’s OK. Baby is measuring 7.4 weeks (11.4 mm) and gestational sac is measuring 6.4 weeks (16.8 mm)– within safe range. It grew a mm/day for the past week, which is exactly what it should be doing at this point. The RE eyeballed the heartbeat and called it about 140 bpm and said he doesn’t need to see us again for two weeks. I’m feeling very relieved. My emotional status has gone from just plain Cautious to Cautiously Optimistic. Thanks to Katy H for accompanying me while Vanessa was traveling!


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The u/s pic that’s giving me fits until Friday afternoon

posted by Mel

See for yourself. No precise measurement on the gestational sac. The embryo (doesn’t say on the u/s and sorry for the crappy pic. Best I could do) is measuring 4.4 mm at what should have been 6 weeks, 6 days according to the last scan, which was already about 3 days behind where it should have been according to my last menstrual cycle. Yeah, I know, last menstrual cycle doesn’t matter b/c there was late implantation but still.

6 weeks how many days?


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A Minor Inconvenience

Posted by v.

I’ve uploaded the photos from the minor accident I had on Saturday. Can anyone guess what happened? My car’s the red one.


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When does this get fun?

We made it through another scan. First, the good, which I know is what I should be concentrating on– there is a still a good strong heartbeat.

The doctor put the gestational age at just shy of 7 weeks when we were in the u/s room, but then he marked 6++ on my chart. Of course I freaked out and asked for clarification after he had already left the room. So he had to come back in and talk me back off the ledge. I’m glad he’s patient.

They couldn’t measure heartbeat in any precise way with the equipment on hand, but he counted and it looked like it was about 120 bpm, which seems within normal range. The fetus is measuring 4.4 mm and, if we are to go by last week’s measurements, we should be at 6 weeks, 6 days now. So it seems like it’s a couple of days behind again– and it was already a couple of days behind.  Also, he eyeballed the embryonic sack and called it a little on the small side. But again, no exact measurements. So of course I am googling what a small embryonic sack could mean and finding everything from ‘doesn’t matter at all as long as the embryo is measuring fine’ to 80% CHANCE OF MISCARRIAGE. That last thing didn’t come from a reputable source, though– came from a manic infertile on a message board that I usually disregard because is full of blinkies.

So I’m not relaxed yet. I don’t know when I will relax. Another awful 11 weeks+ miscarriage in the blogosphere today. How do you relax when this kind of thing happens on a regular basis?

Another u/s at the end of next week. I think my doctor ordered it out of pity for Vanessa, since I am clearly a head case. Unfortunately, Vanessa’s going to be out of town, so I’m trying to decide if I’m comfortable having a friend in the room for what, at this point, is still a pretty intimate event in terms of the imaging machinery involved, or if I’m going to go it alone.


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Being pregnant so far

I am bloated up to at least a size higher than usual, which was already a size higher than I was comfortable being. I didn’t expect to look 5 months pregnant at 6 ½ weeks. I wonder if my body remembers being 90 lbs heavier than this and is just settling back in.


I am kind of horrified to find that my hips have already spread. I didn’t think it was possible for them to spread any farther, but I seem to suddenly be at least 3 inches wider. My weight hasn’t increased, but suddenly nothing fits. I’m already using the rubber band trick to keep my jeans closed. I am busting out of bras that were on the loose side two weeks ago. My heartburn and belching are a real treat for Vanessa. I’ve woken up several times this week in the middle of the night to a spinning room. I had one mini-puke this weekend, but that could have just been caused by heat, since I was working in the yard. I’ve been nauseous on and off throughout the day for the last three days. I suddenly have a problem with car sickness.


I’m not complaining, though.* I cling to this stuff. I’m hoping one more ultrasound this Friday will provide the confirmation that I need to settle in and enjoy this ride.


*The one thing I am likely to complain about, should it happen, would be an increase in shoe size. I already have to shop in the drag queen section of the shoe store. If my feet get much bigger (size 10 now), I’m going to have to start special ordering.


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