We did it

posted by Mel

I have two little Vanessa embryos on-board– one early blastocyst and one morula. The embryologist said they were both still too compacted to grade, but both good quality and appropriate for this stage of development. She said she felt we had an excellent chance of success. It was actually kind of fun. The RE was running behind as usual, so I had time to empty my bladder and refill it. I stayed very zen about the whole thing, a first for me. I spent some time just breathing and meditating both before and after. Acupuncture this morning helped. The nurse actually gasped at how low my blood pressure was– a good thing. The best thing for these little ones right now is my uterus remaining a tranquil place. Afterwards I couldn’t hold back a little sob of gratitude. If this works, I will get to carry my partner’s child. It’s the greatest blessing I can imagine.



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13 responses to “We did it

  1. Katy

    Congratulations on this step. Stay tranquil.

  2. Indeed stay tranquil! This is amazing and I’m sending good vibes. I won’t talk about anything stressful and if anyone needs a place to go I’m a block’s walk away. Bella also says she is being all leany and Bellaish on you and sending her good vibes 🙂

  3. jay

    Fantastic. SO got my fingers crossed for you both. Big hugs!! xxxx

  4. vee

    Good, peaceful womb vibes for you.

    I know carrying Vanessa’s child was not your motivation for this IVF, but I think it’s amazing that you get to do that

  5. Congratulations! May your zen remain and all your dedication be realized. oxox

  6. Co

    All right!!! Fingers and paws crossed and many peaceful womb vibes coming your way.

  7. mac

    Woohoo! Mazel tov! I will think good thoughts in your direction!

  8. missanthropy

    Woot! Great news!
    P.S. I don’t know why we don’t hang out. I’m always a nervous, agoraphobic mess? 🙂

  9. that is great news! fabulous!

  10. I hope to see the title “We did it” reused in a couple of weeks.

    Implant, little Vanbryos (I made up a new word).

  11. rock on. you totally did it. you know we are so cheering for you two (four). xxoo

  12. Yay! Keeping my eyes crossed for you…

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