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posted by Mel 

They haven’t looked at the embryos again today, but I was able to get more information on what they were going by yesterday. So here’s the tally. Where grade 4 is the best and grade 1 is the worst, we have:

1 6-cell grade 3

1 5-cell grade 3

1 5-cell grade 2

2 4-cell grade 3

2 2-cell– not sure what grade those are, but the RE’s nurse acted like those probably wouldn’t continue to grow. I’m assuming they were 1s.

So we have 5 possible candidates for transfer tomorrow. I wish the quality was a little better, but I’ve also heard of many IVF pregnancies from lower than grade 4 embryos. The quality of the embryo has no bearing on the health of a resulting child. I’m remaining hopeful. It does make me nervous that we probably won’t have anything to freeze, since our clinic only freezes very high quality embryos.

We’ll have our transfer at 1 PM tomorrow.



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7 responses to “More info

  1. Lo

    Very excited for you. Lots of hope.

  2. I will be thinking of you at 1pm tomorrow!!

  3. jay

    Big hope all the way from the UK too!

  4. So thrilling! I’ve got a little reminder note to do a bit of good juju meditation for you tomorrow afternoon. You’ve got all my love and hopes. ox

  5. Good luck! By the time I read this, your transfer has already been done. I’m hoping everything went smoothly!!!

  6. missanthropy

    Good luck, kids! We have our fingers, toes, and everything else crossed!

  7. missanthropy

    Oh, I’m late. Sorry. I meant to post that earlier today!!

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