The Embryo Report

posted by Mel

Of the 10 eggs, 5 were mature and got ICSI’d yesterday. 4 fertilized normally. 1 bit the dust. The other 5 were immature but close enough that the embryologist put them in some kind of maturing medium (I didn’t know they could mature eggs outside of the body– wild!!), and they were mature for ICSI this morning. We’ll get another report on those tomorrow. Tentative transfer scheduled for Tuesday at 1 PM.

We could have up to 9, people. I will believe it when I see it, but for now I am very very happy. Vanessa is happy too. Also, she would like me to stop hugging her.



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9 responses to “The Embryo Report

  1. Co

    It is pretty wild that they can mature eggs outside the ovaries.

    Four embryos off to a good start–excellent. And maybe some more later on. I will keep fingers crossed for you.

  2. Great news! So excited and happy for you.

  3. jay

    I too have crossed fingers! Fab news. Exciting! Woo!! xx

  4. Supurb! Very thrilling ladies. I’ll hug V too through my comp screen. xo

  5. So far that is very good news!! I’ll keep hoping for even more of it!

  6. vee

    Fantastic. How amazing that they can mature eggs outside of the body. Well I never! Does that mean that technically, some of your embryos will be older than the others? I suppose it does. I’m SOOO stoked for you two.

  7. missanthropy

    I’m screaming quietly in excitement for you!!

  8. Many maturing thoughts until Tuesday!

    Sneak in a few Vanessa hugs when she isn’t looking!

  9. Lo

    yay!! That is amazing news!

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