The sweet sweet romance IVF inspires

indymel: Do you think we should do something special together tonight?
indyness: awww – that’s so sweet
indyness: you mean like, kfc by candlelight?
indymel: I was thinking more like poetry by candlelight.
indyness: i’m pretty sure that would make me sick
indymel: I’d like to be surrounded by beauty and tranquility
indyness: forget it – you’re going to be surrounded by me moaning and groaning and farting



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6 responses to “The sweet sweet romance IVF inspires

  1. jay

    LOL! The sweet smell of IVF farting – lovely. Can’t be worse than vee’s, mind you, or the dog’s!


  2. Did you *really* intend to read poety by candlelight? Or was that hyperbole? If so then barf 🙂 You know if this all works out to plan, you can tell your kid(s) their Aunt Katie F was there when people were getting shots in their ass.

  3. I wasn’t really thinking about candlelight, but reading poetry yes. I’m going to spend some time doing that with or without her. Good for clarity and focus.

    And we might just teach our kids to call you Aunt Pointy and tell them that if they’re not good, you’re going to give them PIO injections.

  4. Don’t! They will think I’m a witch or something. Well a bad witch. Poetry is centering – I agree with that.

  5. ha! sounds like a night at my house. wish we could double date.

  6. vee

    ! I do not fart. It’s ALWAYS the dog. That’s why we have him!

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