Cleared for Take Off

Posted by Mel 

O.M.G. We have a retrieval date. Thursday– probably around noon. They’re going to call me back.

Vanessa had recruited 2 more follicles on her ultrasound this morning, but one of them is so small that it probably won’t be ready. We have a 9mm, couple of 13mm, maybe 3 15mm, a couple of 16mm and a 19mm. Her E2 is 1069.

So 225 iu each of Follistim and Menopur tonight and a trigger some time around midnight tomorrow night. Holy shit! Here we go!



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7 responses to “Cleared for Take Off

  1. Holy shit indeed! So excited for you. Keep up the updates! I can’t stand a day without egg news.

  2. jay

    Woo!! Got fingers crossed here that all goes really well. Sounds great thus far!!

  3. Woo hoo! Come on, eggies!!!

  4. Yay! Very excited. Keep us posted!!

  5. vee

    Holy shit indeed! I can remember when this was all but a dream and now LOOK! Hope it goes swimmingly.

  6. Co

    I am so glad you have a retrieval date! Fingers so crossed for you both.

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