Still alive– now with updates

posted by Mel

It has been so long since I’ve updated. See? I told you—this IVF has me feeling like my lips are sewn shut. We’re on our 9th day of Lupron, and, other than some stomach upset, both of us are feeling pretty good. I’ve also had some temperature regulation problems that have made it difficult to sleep. Vanessa has been letting me administer her shots, which has been great practice for the big trigger shot I’m going to have to give her prior to Retrieval. Getting shots on a regular basis is something I’ve become accustomed to. I think giving them is worse. I am so thankful that she’s the one that has to give me the Progesterone In Oil shots and not the other way around. The trigger is the scariest shot I will have to give—the only intramuscular one. I’ve read that some of you are using subQ hcg shots, and I am jealous. We’ve never been prescribed that type.

I’m a little anxious that, as of CD28 Vanessa’s period has not yet arrived (late for her)*. I know that the Lupron can delay it, but will the delay of her period also mean a delay in beginning stims? Ie. does she have to have a period before we can start stims? Our doc only does IVFs in Indy the first two weeks out of the month. The other two weeks, he’s at his office in Southern Indiana. I’m afraid if we have to delay too much, they might just coast us on Lupron for another week or two to time our stims for when he’s back in the office. Crazy? Over-thinking? Maybe the thickness of her uterine lining at the onset of stims doesn’t even matter since we’re not going to be putting the embryos** back into her body?

So that’s all I’ve got. I’m hanging on to a scrap of hope that this might work, and, for the time being, there’s not a lot of energy left over to devote to chronicling it all.

*SCORE! Aunt Flo showed up. She must have just needed to know she was missed.

**I really must be feeling hopeful if I can type the word embryo and not proceed it with “hypothetical” or “alleged.”



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6 responses to “Still alive– now with updates

  1. Well, as I have said before, none of it sounds like fun, but let’s hope it does the trick. I hope you don’t have an unwelcome delay or change in plans just because AF is dawdling. Why does she DO THAT when the timing is at its worst???

  2. vee

    We’re hanging onto that hope for you too, even if you’re too worn out by the whole thing to write it all up for us! Hang in there.

  3. jay

    Yup indeedy, I am hanging on for you too as the lady above says xxxx

  4. Lo

    We’re hoping, and praying, too.

  5. Much hope for you here too love. Hooray for AF showing up and really real embryos. I’m all crossed. oxox

  6. Co

    Thinking of you both and sending lots of hope your way.

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