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Day 6 of Stims

posted by Mel

We have follicles– 7 of them to be precise. Her e2 is 362. It looks like we are probably back on track– just a couple of days behind. Vanessa’s a little disappointed with the count. I am not. Honestly, I would have been scared if we had seen 20+ up there on the screen. At this point in my IVF cycle I had 30+, and they were all CRAP. I’m hoping these 7 plump little follies are quality boys and girls. 7 means I’m not worried about her having to deal with OHSS. Would I like to have 2 beautiful embryos to transfer + 10 to freeze? Well hell yeah. Last time I thought we’d have 2 to transfer and 10 to freeze, and we got nothing. Not making it to transfer is the kind if disappointment I never need again.

I am still worried about the quality of the eggs suffering because we’re going to have to stim her longer than originally anticipated, but we are throwing every gram of protein at her to counteract that. Last night she had a New York Strip. She also has accupuncture on Monday morning. If anyone has suggestions for natural methods of improving egg quality during fertility treatments, let us have them.

Also– for anyone who has dealt with the emotional side effects of fert drugs, any and all advice is welcome. Her estrogen is higher right now than it has probably ever been, and she’s on an emotional roller coaster. I’m going to try to get her to do some yoga with me this weekend and see if we can’t try to alleviate some of her stress that way.

And now– off to the specialty pharmacist for more drugs. We ran out of Follistim after last night’s dosing. I was waiting for today’s e2 results before getting more.



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The capital of Vermont is Montpelier

posted by Mel 

If you, like Vanessa and me, missed Tina Fey’s performance on last weekend’s SNL, check out this site for some great clips:

including her awesome Weekend Update all about Hillary Clinton. Too bad the Writer’s Strike didn’t end a couple of weeks earlier. A few more endorsements like this one might save Hil’s campaign. I already enjoyed and admired Tina Fey. Now I love her even more.

Oh– and this is day 3 of stims for Vanessa. Symptoms so far? Ravenous, yet queasy. I feel bad for her.

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Still alive– now with updates

posted by Mel

It has been so long since I’ve updated. See? I told you—this IVF has me feeling like my lips are sewn shut. We’re on our 9th day of Lupron, and, other than some stomach upset, both of us are feeling pretty good. I’ve also had some temperature regulation problems that have made it difficult to sleep. Vanessa has been letting me administer her shots, which has been great practice for the big trigger shot I’m going to have to give her prior to Retrieval. Getting shots on a regular basis is something I’ve become accustomed to. I think giving them is worse. I am so thankful that she’s the one that has to give me the Progesterone In Oil shots and not the other way around. The trigger is the scariest shot I will have to give—the only intramuscular one. I’ve read that some of you are using subQ hcg shots, and I am jealous. We’ve never been prescribed that type.

I’m a little anxious that, as of CD28 Vanessa’s period has not yet arrived (late for her)*. I know that the Lupron can delay it, but will the delay of her period also mean a delay in beginning stims? Ie. does she have to have a period before we can start stims? Our doc only does IVFs in Indy the first two weeks out of the month. The other two weeks, he’s at his office in Southern Indiana. I’m afraid if we have to delay too much, they might just coast us on Lupron for another week or two to time our stims for when he’s back in the office. Crazy? Over-thinking? Maybe the thickness of her uterine lining at the onset of stims doesn’t even matter since we’re not going to be putting the embryos** back into her body?

So that’s all I’ve got. I’m hanging on to a scrap of hope that this might work, and, for the time being, there’s not a lot of energy left over to devote to chronicling it all.

*SCORE! Aunt Flo showed up. She must have just needed to know she was missed.

**I really must be feeling hopeful if I can type the word embryo and not proceed it with “hypothetical” or “alleged.”


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