Crazy meter reading: vaguely dangerous

posted by Mel 

BC sucks. Since I’ve been on it (5 days and counting) my gastric state has ranged from “mildly queasy” to “coming out both ends.” I’m sure I’d find one that works better for me if I had to be on it long term, but I think it would take a helluva lot of commitment to a sex life– possibly more than I’m willing to make– to stick it out. As it is, I’ll be happy to kiss it goodbye on February 5th. Still glad I opted to go this way over the Lupron marathon, even though it seems counter-intuitive to take bc in the pursuit of pregnancy.

I’ve been googling donor egg IVF success rates– again. Counseling appointment made for Monday morning. Increased yoga to two days a week. Acupuncture next Wednesday afternoon. Don’t they make some kind of drug that makes you forget you’re pursuing ART but doesn’t make you forget to take your meds?



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5 responses to “Crazy meter reading: vaguely dangerous

  1. you are my hero lady. you are so on top of everything. sorry the bc sucks. i can’t imagine how weird it must be. hurry up feb 5! googling anything ART related is dangerous… and unavoidable. i’m all crossed for you hun. it’s all going to pay off in the blink of an eye. ox

  2. I love the pill more than chocolate. The commitment is not as serious as it seems right now – first few weeks on any hormone are never a treat. Side effects will of course level out right around the time you’ll stop taking it…The technology has also come a very long way. There is really no need anymore for anything other than a low-dose pill (far less side effects – the first generation bc pills had a much higher does of the hormones). I’ve been on it for 8+ years now (it did take 3 pills to get the right one for me…)and for me the actual bc aspect of it is a secondary bonus. It makes me feel better, less PMS-y, periods are less horrid and in general keeps things on the stable side in that arena (plus I also have other issues that it helps with – tilted things…). And once the side effects do lessen, it’s certainly the least intrusive form of bc. Though here comes my PSA: Of course the pill is the least intrusive if you are in a committed relationship where preventing pregnancy is an issue – if you aren’t in a committed relationship you should be always be using some other form that also prevents disease transmission. Not that your smart readership needs that sort of PSA – but I’m just sayin’.

  3. Katy

    I have never heard of anyone having that kind of reaction to the pill, but I’m sure it’ll pass (hee hee). Back when I had a sex life, I used Depo; but the pill was good, too. Here in the Northwest Indy nunnery I just go au natural, but with a bra most of the time; unless it’s just Marsh and then I let these babies swing to the heavens and the deli aisle.

  4. I don’t even remember what being on the pill was like (it’s been over 10 years for me). Hope your body adjusts a bit.

    Stop the googling. (advice I often need to take myself)

  5. kissing the bc goodbye today! how are you hun?

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