We got tagged

posted by Mel

tagged by CD & SP and  Sarah

1.) I loathe animatronics, which are everywhere at the holidays. What I hate even more, however, are those giant plastic yard snowglobes.

2.) One of my legs is 1/2″ shorter than the other. When I walk I tend to veer to the right and occasionally bump into my companion. It was never really a problem until last year when the physical therapist I was seeing for a back injury told me I now have mild scoliosis because of it!

3.) I knit. I just finished this sweater minus the sash (ran out of yarn). Yes, in my sweet young TTCer days I knit 3 newborn-sized baby sweaters. They are tucked away in Vanessa’s childhood dresser in our still unoccupied nursery. Now I only knit baby sweaters for honest-to-goodness on-their-way or already here babies.

4.) I can also spin my own yarn, though I’m not sure I do it often enough to justify the purchase of my wheel. For the last year and a half, pretty much the only fiber my wheel has seen has come off of these dogs. It’s a project for a friend. The dog hair is a big reason I haven’t been spinning much lately. It’s soft and pretty clean, but it flies away and gets into everything. Also one of our dogs likes to eat it. I prefer merino or alpaca (who doesn’t?).

5. Occasionally Vanessa requests that I select a great work of literature that she must read. I am always happy to oblige, but I can never keep my hands off the book once I’ve given it to her. So she reads a few chapters and I end up stealing it back. The most recent example is Anna Karenina. Before that, Slaughterhouse Five. I am contemplating re-reading Wuthering Heights now in anticipation of the next request.

6.) Left to my own devices, I would happily eat an entire pot of mashed potatoes for dinner.

To be honest, I always ignore tagging, but since we got tagged twice I felt the obligation to respond. It was actually kind of fun. I’m a party pooper, though, so I tag no one and everyone.



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7 responses to “We got tagged

  1. Lo

    I love Wuthering Heights & mashed potatoes, and I hate those snow globes. The first time I saw one was a year or two ago and I did a double take. unbelievable.

  2. My babies – need more fur? 🙂 I so need to see the sweater but of course could not get freed of the marathon afternoon meetings to come down so I guess I’ll just have to come over one night! Mashed potatoes – yum 🙂

  3. I just re-read Wuthering Heights! Love it. I can’t believe how well you knit! Beautiful.

  4. One day we hope to have goats, so perhaps we can put our resources together and make some goat-wool yarn happen.

  5. I am currently listening to the audiobook of Anna Karenina (I listen while walking or biking, so the weather has forced a sort of intermission for the moment). Great stuff – as is Wuthering Heights.

    I have a neighbor who loves the giant yard snow globes. I want them to go away.

  6. Shae, sweet! I’ve never spun goat hair. Mohair and cashmere both come from goats, but I don’t think cashmere goats are imported to the U.S. I’ve met a lot of angora goats (for mohair) at fiber fairs, though. You should come to the Hoosier Hills Fiber Festival in June at the Johnson County fairgrounds– free admission and lots of fiber livestock present.

  7. thanks for playing along!! i hope to have sheep someday that our friend and to-be doula Stacey will spin for us. i’ve watched her do it but it seems super-intimidating. i’ll stick to the pre-spun stuff!

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