Blog reading– more than just a time suck!

I kept thinking about it and, even apart from being a giant pain in the ass, something just didn’t feel right about having to be on Lupron for 6 weeks. It didn’t resemble any other donor egg cycle I’ve ever stalked followed. Come to think of it, every other donor egg recipient has taken birth control to sync up to her donor’s cycle.

Every time I’ve questioned Nurse Lunch Lady’s judgment, I’ve gotten some version of “we know what’s best for you,” but people I have really been dreading those hot flashes and estrogen deprivation headaches. So much that, a month out, I was researching natural remedies for them. So I screwed up my courage to question her one last time.

And this morning she called with the new plan– MY new plan! I now have a script for birth control. This will be the first time I’ve taken it in my entire life. Vanessa and I will be shooting up Lupron together in mid-February and then only for 10 days or so. Ladies of the IVP, I thank you for endlessly chronicling your IVF protocols. Because of you, I will be able to wear sweaters and drink hot beverages in February after all.



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9 responses to “Blog reading– more than just a time suck!

  1. Ah! What pill are you taking? I find that mine makes me more level and sane. Yay!

  2. vee

    Common sense prevailed! Hurrah. Good on you for keeping on asking.

  3. Lo

    Yay! i credit info from the ivp with getting us knocked up, and with getting us through the process.

  4. Ah, birth control’s a piece of cake! I’ve been on it for twenty… four… years. Damn I’m old.

    Anyway. If it makes you nauseous, hold tight, that doesn’t last long, and it doesn’t really get worse than that. In fact it might make certain days even easier on you.

  5. It’s called A.pri. The idea is to just keep me from ovulating until I can start Lupron with Vanessa on the 21st day of her cycle. Lupron will keep my ovaries dormant from there.

  6. Good for you darlin! I am/was not any help with IVF protocols, but I’m glad we have so many around here that are and that you had the courage to speak up. ox

  7. Good luck with your protocols! They are exciting, aren’t they? All specially-formulated just for you and all..and, by the way, we tagged you two for a meme!

  8. you’ve been tagged. see the meme on my blog.

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