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For over two weeks I’ve contemplated a post detailing all the ways in which 2007 sucked worse than any other year in my reckoning, but something has held me back. I think it’s that we just did such a good job of ending the year right after all that I don’t want to dwell on the bad. We had a genuinely happy Christmas Day (without going to my sister’s). We spent much of it at home doing nothing but enjoying each other and our gifts. After Christmas, Vanessa and I spent a relaxing 3 days at a charming B&B in Michigan. New Year’s Eve just the two of us spent watching Fried Green Tomatoes and enjoying a homemade antipasta platter and good coffee made in Vanessa’s new coffee press. I knit 2/3rds of Starsky in the month of December. We decompressed like nobody’s business. I feel ready for 2008 and all the promise it holds.



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6 responses to “Refreshed

  1. Kate

    Knitting is so cool – I want a Starsky. What’s a Hutch? Can’t wait to see this on you. Did you choose the vanilla color as well?

  2. I chose a dark grey. Mine won’t be as perfect (or as small) as the one on the model, but I’m looking forward to wearing it. I still have to do the right side of the front, the sleeves, and the collar.

  3. Lo

    glad things are going well.

  4. Kate

    My sweater that we knit 5 years ago still doesn’t have complete arms! I can’t wait to see the grey. I like that the Starsky doesn’t have a hood. Hoodies are nice, but the bulk of the material, the hood, and the belt can be overwhelming I think. A quality 70s throwback like this is hard to find in the stores. I love it.

  5. g

    Oooh! My favorite movie! Sounds like an excellent and relaxing few days 🙂

  6. I’m glad you are focusing on the wonderful things around you and preparing for an exciting new year. I’m sure it’s going to be good to you. Kudos on the knitting. I’ll never be that talented! ox

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