At it again– with update

posted by Mel

I cannot believe it. After 5 months on the bench, we have a new estimated retrieval date– March 1. We’re doing IVF again. And Bonus– because Vanessa and I are already cycling so close together right now, Nurse Lunch Lady says I won’t have to be on Lupron much longer than Vanessa is.* I hope our donor is still available.

*I spoke too soon. Nurse Lunch Lady called back for clarification on Vanessa’s cycle length. I have to be on Lupron almost a full month before she starts stimming. At least I’ll be hot flashing in February. I guess I’ll just get the short sleeves out of storage a couple of months early.



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4 responses to “At it again– with update

  1. Co

    Great news! Happy new year.

  2. missanthropy

    Positive vibes your way! We’re rootin’ for ya.

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