Juno– oh yes we did.

posted by Mel


So Vanessa and I went to see Juno. A 16-year-old girl gets pregnant during a one night stand with her best friend, considers abortion, and then opts for a closed adoption instead to the world’s richest, most beautiful straight couple. What could go wrong with us seeing a movie like that? I knew it was playing with fire, but the previews were so enticing. Guess what—I am not sorry.

They got it mostly right. The pathetic juxtaposition between an oops teenage pregnancy and 30-something infertility and what varying states of fertility and the desire for a child can do to your relationships. It’s tragically ironic. Honestly, a great movie for the infertile who has moved into the laugh about it even when you cry about it phase of infertility. Among my favorite exchanges: “I think pregnancy is so beautiful.” “You’re lucky it’s not you.” Made me laugh even as I held back my own vomit.



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2 responses to “Juno– oh yes we did.

  1. byrdlady

    We want to see this, too. Thanks for giving us the safe “go-ahead”–i didn’t want to be furious or devastated when i left the theater!

  2. I really like how it humanized the seemingly perfect adoptive parents. You wonder if some of the glitz is from trying to see perfect enough to “earn” the right to say, “I have a son.” Loved that line, BTW.

    I also like that the teen preggo was no bad girl, no slut. Just another chick who got curious about sex. I also like that her parents supported her and that her stepmom was clearly her mother figure, not the woman who happened to be her bio mom.

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